Jan 2022

5 Ways to Prevent Security Camera Hacking

Security cameras are supposed to ensure peace of mind for a person instead of being another trouble to deal with. These cameras are installed for monitoring several purposes while being away from home. People often install these systems to keep an eye on their children, locate intruders or look after their pets when they are not physically present on the premises.

Home security camera systems come in handy and can make a person’s life easier. However, they, too, have a dark side. Cybercriminals use their knowledge and skills to hack CCTV cameras and enter other people’s privacy. They pose serious threats and blackmail using the video footage. Hence, it is important to learn certain ways to prevent hackers from stealing information.

● Use Several Networks

After installing a security camera in an apartment or a corporate building, they must keep their cameras on one particular network and their data on another network. This is also recommended because these security cameras require a lot of bandwidth that slows down the network. This step helps to protect sensitive and private data by isolating the system from another network. The hackers will not get access to other data even if they access the cameras.

● Consider Using VPN

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Using a VPN is a more secure solution to prevent hackers from accessing personal details. VPN helps to connect the devices to a network through an end-to-end encrypted connection, thus ensuring extreme security. This connection creates a secret backdoor from the devices to the person’s network. A connection between the CCTV camera and the network gets created anyway while accessing them remotely; encryption makes the procedure impenetrable and invisible. 

● Opt for Cloud Access

If the user cannot set up a VPN for protecting their camera devices, they can choose to use the cloud access services. By opting for cloud access functions, one can host the devices, recorded footage, and control on a highly monitored and secured server that the end-user can access via the cloud settings. Hosting these devices within the person’s network can expose the hackers to get direct access with a single tap into the device. 

Their Prama CCTV will be hosted on a server outside of their network by switching to cloud access. If a potential hacker paves his way into the security cameras, the highly monitored and secured network will expose the hacker and prevent them from causing any damage. 

● Choose the best password

Whether the individual is using a VPN, cloud access option, a separate network, or a port forwarding option, securing the cameras by creating a strong password is one of the easiest and simplest methods of ensuring high security. The secure passwords are not pre-set by a manufacturer, they should not be used by any other profiles, devices, or accounts. They are hard to guess and can be changed quite frequently. Secure and tough passwords are possible to prevent hackers and stop them from gaining access to their network and devices. 

● Two-Factor Authentication

Using two-factor authentication is another easy way to prevent hackers from entering privacy by hacking Prama security cameras. There are three 

 authentication methods: username and password, a physical element such as a card or a smartphone, and a unique elements such as a biometric trait or fingerprint. The users can choose any two among these three options to make the security more reliable, thus making it difficult to hack.

The Bottom Line

After a CCTV camera installation from Prama, these are the few steps that the user should consider taking to secure their cameras and prevent the bad guys from using their data maliciously.

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