Apr 2022

Access Control & Turnstile Delivers Effective Visitor Management

Turnstiles offer businesses a way to improve physical access control at their facilities. Turnstiles automatically count individuals entering or exiting a specific area. However, for many companies, turnstiles alone don’t deliver the level of access control they need for robust security.

Integrating access control devices or readers with turnstiles empowers businesses to effectively manage visitors. Companies can incorporate turnstiles with various access control methods, including keycard or fob, Bluetooth, and even facial recognition technology.

Here’s how combining your access control readers with turnstiles can provide effective visitor management.

Turnstiles Offer Versatile Access Control Solutions

Unlike traditional access control solutions, turnstiles can be used in a variety of situations.

For example, event venues can use turnstiles with access control that only allows the turnstile to turn after a person pays to enter. The same principle applies when using turnstiles with access control such as key fobs or Bluetooth credentials.

Turnstiles can also work as a revolving door type entry or exit or exclusively for exit-only applications. With a variety of turnstile options, you have the ability to customize both your turnstile equipment and access control technology to secure your facility and improve efficiency when managing visitors.

Enhance Physical Security at Your Facility

One of the advantages of using turnstiles is their people-counting abilities. Having information on how many people are entering or exiting at a time is vital when you need to cap visitors at a certain amount.

For example, amusement parks often use turnstiles to count how many people have entered a ride, so turnstiles automatically lock once the cap has been reached for safety reasons.

In addition, having data on the number of people entering or exiting can empower companies to make smarter adjustments to their operations. For example, businesses can make their entry and exit points more efficient by identifying peak times or problem areas and making changes to physical barriers or staffing as needed.

Using turnstiles not only increases the efficacy of physical security at your location—applying these physical barriers with access control makes them even more effective. Without the proper access control credentials, whether in the form of an app, card, or fingerprint scan, people cannot get through the turnstiles.


  • Brushless DC electric motor supports more than 3,000,000 open/close barrier times
  • 12 pairs of IR light detectors Permissions validation and anti-tailgating.
  • Customizes audio prompt content.
  •  LED light indicates passing direction
  • Audible and visual nipping alarm
    The barrier will stop working for a period of time when detecting obstruction when open/close barrier.
  •  Anti-force accessing
    The barrier will be locked automatically without open-door signal when detecting force accessing (<120 Nm).
  • Self-detection, Self-diagnostics, and automatic alarm
  •  Audible and visual alarm includes intrusion alarm, reverse passing alarm, tailgating alarm, and climbing over barrier alarm
  •  Valid passing duration settings
    System will cancel the passing permission if a person does not pass through the lane within the valid passing duration.
  •  Barrier status settings for entrance and exit
  •  Supports multiple persons passing through the lane after continuous authentications
  •  Door remaining open when fire alarm triggered
    The barrier will open automatically when alarm is triggered.
  •  Remote control and management via PRAMA VMS Standard Software
  •  Online/offline operation
  •  Barrier is in free status when powering down

Simplify Access Control With Technology

Access control technology such as Bluetooth credentials can help simplify turnstile solutions. For example, in buildings with busy turnstile entry or exit points, an app can tell people which turnstile to enter or exit through.

Instead of having to physically check in with a receptionist, the person can simply check in via the app and use their credentials to get through turnstiles, making the whole process more efficient.

Touchless forms of access control, including Bluetooth, facial recognition, or fobs, can also simplify turnstile use while increasing security. Using their device or in the case of facial recognition, surveillance cameras to activate turnstiles, people can quickly enter or exit. Unauthorized visitors, meanwhile, will need to check in to get credentials.

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