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Oct 2022

Advantages of Traffic Surveillance Cameras Systems

Advantages of Traffic Surveillance Cameras Systems

Jan 01, 1970

When you’re in a hurry, cameras might be frustrating, but they can help you know when to ease up on the accelerator, and help keep you from a speed ticket or an accident. A traffic monitoring system is of extreme importance for maintaining road safety a priority.

Advantages of Traffic Cameras

  • Used for Planning and Measurement

A blocked road can cause management problems which are made worse by various weather conditions, work zones, and other disorderly incidents. Also, the high volume of vehicles can cause traffic concerns and stranded motorists and passengers. So, traffic monitoring cameras are vital to address situations like this. Traffic cameras provide alarm monitoring and transparent communication between the system and those tracking security along the roads, as part of traffic management.  Using AI capable algorithm, they can provide traffic congestion in particular zone and can sync with traffic signal management.

  • Helps Avoid Traffic Accidents 

To capture incidents happening on the road, monitoring traffic with cameras is an adequate way. Traffic cameras help deter road hazards, since cameras are recording non-stop, drivers aware of them are more attentive and are likely to follow traffic laws. Also, help keep the roads safe for motorists and pedestrians. Drivers involved in traffic mishaps are caught in the recording made by these monitoring cameras. It can help prove who is reliable in the mishap and control authority has formal evidence for further penalty generation.

  • Patrolling Becomes Environment-Friendly

With advanced traffic control systems such as ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition), cameras apply to police operations as an effort to integrate green initiative efforts. Such cameras are looking out for violators, and they also enable driving behaviors that can help lower emissions made by vehicles.  Functionalities includes over speeding, red light violation, not wearing helmet/seatbelt etc.

  • Cost-Effective means of Tracking Traffic 

The cost involved in hiring people to monitor traffic is high and tedious because the hours they spend determine their compensation. These devices work 24/7 while the officers can attend to duties that require their full attention. Also, cameras help avoid high-speed chases that affect violators once they’re caught.   

  • Different types of Cameras for Distinct Purposes 

With the use of modern technology, there are various cameras available in the market for various purposes. There are cameras for controlling speed control that can identify license plate numbers. The number plate is recorded as it passes by the controlled section. On the other hand, spot speed tacking uses a mixture of laser, induction loop, and radar technology that detects over speeding and takes a photo of the vehicle.

The details of vehicle no., violation details, timestamp and speed at time gets overlaid on single image for better reference of authority. With the help of traffic monitoring cameras, authorities maintain the laws and regulations that enforce road safety. Prama India gets the best idea about the best choice for you. Our team has extensive knowledge of each product we feature and can effortlessly give you detailed information about everything we offer.


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