Jun 2024

Enhancing Public Security with Prama Mobile Network Camera

Security have become the paramount concerns for municipalities, transit authorities, and emergency services. As urbanization continues to rise, so does the need for advanced surveillance technologies that can operate effectively in dynamic environments. Prama mobile network cameras are at the forefront of this technological advancement, offering robust solutions for buses, metros, and emergency vehicles.

The cameras are designed to provide high-quality imaging and reliable performance, even in the most challenging conditions.

Prama Mobile Network Camera

Stability on the Move

One of the standout features of Prama mobile network cameras is their stability on the move. These cameras have anti-vibration technology that ensures consistent and clear imaging, even when the vehicle is in motion. This makes them ideal for use in public transport systems such as buses and metros, where constant movement can often hinder the performance of traditional surveillance cameras. The cameras’ fire-proof design enhances their durability and safety, ensuring they can withstand extreme conditions without compromising performance.

Superior Imaging Quality

The mobile network cameras deliver high-quality imaging with a 2 MP resolution, providing precise and detailed footage for effective monitoring and incident analysis. They are equipped with 120 dB true WDR technology, which allows them to capture clear images even against strong backlight. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where lighting conditions can vary dramatically, such as the interior of a bus at different times of the day.

Efficient Compression and Storage

Using efficient H.265+ compression technology significantly reduces the bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising image quality. This advanced compression technology ensures that high-resolution footage can be stored and transmitted efficiently, making it easier to manage and review large amounts of video data. This is particularly beneficial for public transport operators and emergency services, who often need to archive footage for extended periods for investigative and legal purposes.

 Rugged and Reliable

The network camera works best in all weather conditions and is built to withstand harsh environments. It is water—and dust-resistant, with IP68 and IP69 ratings, ensuring it can operate effectively in a wide range of weather conditions. Moreover, its vandal-proof design provides an added layer of protection against physical tampering and damage. This ruggedness makes these cameras an excellent choice for deployment in public transportation and emergency vehicles, where they may be exposed to rough handling and challenging conditions.

Advanced Streaming Technology

One of the critical challenges in mobile surveillance is ensuring a smooth live view and reliable data transmission, even in areas with poor network connectivity. The mobile network cameras have advanced streaming technology, enabling smooth live view and data self-correcting capabilities. This ensures the video feed remains stable and precise, providing security personnel and operators with real-time situational awareness. The self-correcting feature is particularly useful in maintaining data integrity during network disruptions, ensuring no critical footage is lost.

Clean and Sharp Imaging

The cameras also feature Digital Noise Reduction technology, significantly reducing image noise and enhancing image clarity. This technology is crucial for capturing clean and sharp images in low-light conditions, often encountered in urban transportation settings and emergency scenarios. By reducing noise, the cameras can provide more accurate and detailed footage, aiding in identifying individuals and incidents.


Prama mobile network cameras offer a comprehensive solution for enhancing public safety and security in dynamic environments. Their stability on the move, superior imaging quality, efficient compression, rugged design, advanced streaming technology, and clean imaging capabilities make them an ideal choice for buses, metros, and emergency vehicles. By investing in Prama mobile network cameras, public transport operators and emergency services can ensure they are equipped with the best technology to protect their passengers and respond effectively to incidents.

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