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Jun 2022

Here’s Why You Need These Essential CCTV Camera Accessories

Here’s Why You Need These Essential CCTV Camera Accessories

Jan 01, 1970
, Andra Pradesh

In addition to your surveillance system, what else do you need? When building their CCTV system, many people remember the camera and some remember the DVR, but most forget the additional accessories you need. I’ll walk you through the must-have CCTV security system accessories and explain what they do. Some are required, while others increase system functionality, but all are worth investigating further.

So, here are eight essential CCTV camera accessories you need to have on your security camera.

  1. CCTV cable and wire

A CCTV cable system includes a variety of tools and components. It is critical to purchase the appropriate CCTV cables and wires to connect and install cameras to a digital video recorder.

2. CCTV connectors

Connectors are another essential accessory for your CCTV security system. These are attached to the ends of cables and enable them to connect to the desired device. There are various connector types and variations within those types. Most of them perform the same function. However, you must ensure that you purchase the correct connectors for your surveillance devices.

3. Camera housings

You should also look into camera housings, which are especially important when installing cameras outside. Housings shield your cameras from the elements. This is typically done to make indoor cameras waterproof so they can be used outside. Some housings can even help regulate your camera’s temperature by using fans or heaters.

4. CCTV battery packs or power supplies

CCTV battery packs or power supplies are used during the installation process for mobile cameras and hardwiring, among other things. These supplies also aid in the conversion of a 12VDC camera to a 24VAC power supply.

5. Surge protectors

Surge protectors are another type of must-have accessory that complements CCTV security systems. These are the devices that shield the surveillance camera and other accessories from power surges and fluctuations thus saving device hardware and increasing product shell life. Surges are generated and carried through any metallic conductors, such as electrical wires, etc. As a result, ensure that your surge protectors are properly installed.

6. CCTV ground loop isolators

CCTV ground loop isolators are helpful CCTV accessories for reducing ground loop interference with video signals. Passive devices that reduce ground loop interference with CCTV signals are video ground loop isolators. These can also be easily installed in existing systems. They are useful when the signal is transmitted through a cable between ends with different ground potentials.

7. Mounting brackets

You’ll also need mounting brackets to attach your surveillance cameras to the walls or the ceiling or on the pole. They can also be used to mount monitors to view your security cameras, whether you want to show them publicly or privately. Mounting brackets can vary in size and style depending on the device being mounted and the intended positioning.

A CCTV camera system has become an absolute necessity in today’s world. The five essential components to consider when choosing your preferred security system for consistent service are camera, monitor, cable, video recorders, and data storage. You can choose quality products for the safety of yourself and your loved ones now that you understand the essential components of a security camera system.


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