Mar 2022

How Glass Break Sensors Can Enhance Security At Your Business

Your home should have multiple layers of protection. You’ve certainly heard that before. PRAMA India CCTV Camera is really important to keep your home and business safe but the PRAMA India IRMS Motion detection sensor also plays a critical role. Motion detection is a critical layer of protection, and this is comprised of the simple act of unauthorized movement sensed as the result of breaking and entry. Glass break sensor is similar in concept, one detects movement the other detects sound.

  • Motion sensor – The sensor detects when someone is moving about inside the house.
  • Entry door sensor – The sensor detects when a door or window is opened.
  • Breaking into — The glass break sensor detects when a burglar smashes through a window with a crowbar or with a stone.

What Exactly is a Glass Break Sensor?

A glass break sensor is a security device that detects the sound of breaking glass. When the sensor “hears” glass breaking it can respond to an audible alarm or it can send an alert to a security monitoring station.

Glass break detectors are equipped with microphones that “listen” for the sound of breaking glass. They also have microprocessors that help them to distinguish between the sound of glass breaking and other noises. Good glass break detectors can even tell the difference between the sound of a breaking window and other types of glass breaking like that of a cup breaking on the floor.

How does Glass Break Sensor work?

Many don’t know that the sensor for breaking into exists. This special kind of sensor detects the unique sound (in terms of frequency) of window glass being hit and then shattering. The sensor then sets off the alarm.

So in other words, the sensor doesn’t wait for the glass to shatter. The detection starts when the crowbar or baseball bat makes heavy contact with the glass. This initial detection can be thought of as phase one. And phase two, the actual breaking of the glass, occurs just milliseconds later, setting off the alarm.

In the corporates with many windows, one sensor per space may be sufficient, covering three or more windows and even glass doors. And fortunately, it’s not necessary.

The Benefits of Having Glass Break Sensors

A glass breakage detector adds another layer of protection to your security system. Door and window sensors are important, but a criminal could bypass them by breaking the glass in a window. Motion sensors are also good, but they won’t detect an intruder until they have already entered the home.

By adding glass break detectors, you can address both of these concerns. Burglars will not be able to get around door/window sensors by breaking glass and it will also trigger the alarm before they enter your home or business.

A window shatter alarm can also be an effective deterrent. If the glass breakage sensor is set to trigger an audible alarm, it will scare most burglars off before they gain entry. In other words, a criminal might break the window, but when they hear the alarm go off, most will decide that it would be smarter to make a hasty retreat rather than continue with their attempt to break in.

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