May 2024

How to Keep a Backup of NVR Settings on Prama NVR

In the era of security surveillance, ensuring that your Network Video Recorder (NVR) is always operational and correctly configured is paramount. An NVR is a key component of your surveillance system, recording and storing video from your network cameras. Given its importance, it’s crucial to regularly back up your NVR settings. This practice safeguards your configurations against unexpected failures, updates, or resets, ensuring that you can quickly restore your system to its optimal state. In this blog, we will walk you through the steps to back up the settings of a Prama NVR via a web browser.

Step-by-Step Guide to Backing Up NVR Settings

1. Login to Your Device on a Web Browser

To start, open a web browser on your computer. Ensure that your computer is connected to the same network as your Prama NVR. Enter the IP address of your NVR into the browser’s address bar and hit Enter. This action will direct you to the login page of your NVR.

Use your credentials to log in to your NVR. If you haven’t changed your default login details, refer to your NVR’s manual for the default username and password. For security reasons, it’s advisable to change these default credentials to something more secure after your initial setup.

2. Navigate to the Configuration Menu

Once logged in, you’ll be taken to the main interface of your NVR. Look for the Configuration menu. This menu is typically located on the left side of the screen or in a dropdown menu, depending on the user interface version.

3. Access System Maintenance

Within the Configuration menu, find and select the System option. Under System, look for Maintenance. This section is where you’ll manage your device’s settings, updates, and backups.

4. Go to Upgrade & Maintenance

In the Maintenance section, locate the Upgrade & Maintenance option. This area is specifically designed for tasks related to system upgrades and maintenance, including backing up your device parameters. In the Upgrade & Maintenance section, you’ll find the Export option. Selecting this option will allow you to export your device parameters. These parameters include all the settings and configurations you’ve made on your NVR.

 Click on Export. Your web browser will prompt you to save the file. Choose a secure location on your computer or an external storage device where you can easily access it when needed. It’s a good practice to name the file with a date or version number for easy identification later.


Backing up the settings of your Prama NVR is a straightforward yet vital task. By following these steps, you can ensure that your security system remains robust and ready to handle any unexpected issues. Regular backups not only save time but also ensure that your surveillance system continues to operate smoothly and efficiently. Make it a habit to back up your NVR settings periodically, and you’ll be well-prepared to tackle any configuration challenges that come your way.

By adhering to this guide, you can maintain the integrity and efficiency of your Prama NVR system, ensuring continuous protection and surveillance without unnecessary downtime or configuration hassles.

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