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Oct 2022

Points to consider before getting LCD monitor for video security camera system

Points to consider before getting LCD monitor for video security camera system

Jan 01, 1970

A surveillance monitor is a crucial piece of equipment, no matter whether you use an analog or network video surveillance system. While buying a new CCTV monitor, buyers want to consider more than just the size. There are many key facts to keep in mind when choosing and comparing different types of monitor units.

Things to consider while selecting an LCD monitor

  1. Connectivity

A monitor is a display device that is linked to a feed from a surveillance video recording device.  To a certain extent, systems can be future-proofed by using a monitor with multiple inputs. While some have HDMI or DVI connections, most DVR and NVR devices have a VGA and HDMI connections. Very few digital devices use an analog BNC style connector (CVBS) as an output to the display, and with advancement of resolutions this is likely to obsolete.  It is advised that buyers should choose a monitor that will provide the most flexibility going forward.

  1. Resolution

For a monitor, it is essential to choose the panel that will suit the maximum resolution of the device or more commonly the connection cable. Many standard HDMI and DVI cables will support a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The higher the resolution, the more information can be shown on the screen. Further, we can make the security camera aim at high-speed running subjects. In order to know the security monitor’s response (refresh) speed, check if it will encounter a motion blur problem.

  1. Brightness and Contrast

Generally, an LCD monitor has higher brightness, the colour is more vivid, and the real performance is better. For low-brightness products, the displayed image will become darker, thereby increasing the exhaustion of the user. Currently, a regular monitor’s brightness is approximate 250cd/㎡, too bright and too dark will impact imaging performance. Whereas LCD monitor’s contrast ratio is 3000:1, conventional CRT monitors have lower contrast. Nevertheless, as for the video surveillance monitor, 400:1 is the lowest required level, when the contrast is below 300:1, then you can ignore it.

  1. Heat

 The build-up of heat is one of the major reasons for the failure of an electrical device in the chassis. To fight this, monitor buyers should choose, where possible, a monitor with an external PSU. This will significantly reduce the heat generated inside the unit and expand its longevity. When compared, LED monitors give off less heat than LCD monitors because they use less power. The surveillance monitor gives a robust working 24×7 with minimal heating of device and great longevity.

  1. Monitors video aspect ratio

Just like television, monitor screen size also has many types. The regular screen size including 17″, 19″, 20″, 32″, 42″ and the video aspect ratio includes 16:9, 4:3, 5:4 etc. Possibly, some users may consider the aspect ratio is only related to users’ customs. Nevertheless, similar to security monitors, front-end security cameras also have a fixed aspect ratio. In case, if the video aspect ratio of front-end and back-end equipment is unsuitable, image distortion will appear, thus, impacting the performance of video monitoring.

  1. Response time

 One can check the current average response time, in terms of pixel response time. Pixel response time has become the product highlight to more and more monitor manufacturers today. During security camera working, If you want to reach a perfect video surveillance effect, without 60 frames per second response time is hard to achieve. To achieve this speed, the pixel response time should be within 16ms. Nonetheless, the response time of major monitors basically reaches 8ms, thus can meet the high-speed 125 fps requirement. You can select whatever set-up you want because only you know what is best for your home and business. At Prama India, we sell more than just CCTV security systems, we provide complete security camera solutions. We also help you set up your CCTV monitors and assist you with all of your business security needs.


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