Aug 2023

Prime Advantages of DVR and NVR in Video Surveillance Solutions

The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and Network Video Recorders (NVR) are the two pioneering developments in the history of CCTV Surveillance products that helped the security industry to progress further. These two products took the CCTV revolution to the next level of Video Surveillance Technology. A technology innovation that converted the signals from an analog camera into a viewable digital format. With this viewable digital format, it was possible to store the CCTV surveillance video recording on to a hard drive.  DVR as we know it, evolved as a path breaking product for the CCTV Surveillance Industry.

The key advantages of DVR are quite evident to the users, but it is good to enlist them for the benefit of security professional community.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost effectiveness is the biggest advantage of a DVR product. It saves lots of money and makes the project feasible. In CCTV Surveillance projects, where spiralling budgets and costs are often a make or break factor, cost effective DVR provide a solace.

Value for Money (TVFM)

DVR is a value for money product if the technical specifications are carefully chosen by the experts, it is backbone of any big or small CCTV Surveillance project.

No Signal Loss

If you are using DVR then there is no need to worry about signal loss. The key USP of a DVR security system is that it works on its own. The DVR gives you constant video feeds without breaks. It helps to monitor the site, location or area to keep your property in absolute security.

Ease of Use

DVR is a very easy to use product, with least complication. CCTV Cameras do not need to be programmed or set up when connected to the DVR. It is a simple plug and play solution.

No Need to Configure Camera

There is no need to change camera settings or configuration. The DVR works seamlessly.

PRAMA offers a wide range of DVRs with some unique features. For example PRAMA PT-DRAS1A16Q-K1 SERIES HD-TVI DVR has the intelligent algorithm-based motion detection for all analog channels. It also offers intelligent algorithm-based perimeter protection. Its features include, H.265 Pro+/H.265 Pro/H.265 video compression and HDTVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS/IP video inputs. It can be connected via coaxial cable. It has up to 24-channel IP camera inputs. On the storage front it offers up to 10 TB capacity per HDD

Network Video Recorder

NVR is the next generation Video Surveillance product, developed for the Network Cameras (IP Cameras). NVR or Network Video Recorder is a path breaking innovation. The way Internet Protocol (IP) has changed the CCTV Surveillance Industry is unprecedented. In other words, NVR directly record and capture high-quality digital video feed from IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras. NVRs store the video surveillance footage effectively, in an organised way.

With new add on features and enhanced technical capabilities, NVRs have become a versatile product in the video surveillance market.

The advantages offered by NVR are often experienced by the end-users, but it is important to enlist them for the posterity.

  • High-quality, detailed footage

The excellent image quality of the video feed is a biggest USP of NVRs. The CCTV Camera’s video feed resolution has improved significantly from 2MP to 16MP. The real time video feed now gets transferred at the rate of 30 fps.  If camera supports then video feed at higher frame rate is possible. Now NVRS are capable of recording capture details from Automatic Number Plate Cameras and Facial Recognition Data from Facial Recognition Cameras.

  • Customize Video Feed: With help of NVR, it is possible to store the video surveillance footage at a higher frame rate. One may adjust resolutions and aspect ratios customized as per needs. 
  • Storage and scaling flexibility: The NVRscan store video surveillance footage locally as well as the cloud. Saving footage onto the cloud makes for easy access, one can log in from anywhere to watch the footage. Cloud access also makes for ease of scalability.
  • Enhances the Scope: NVRs contain several Ethernet ports means one can add multiple cameras as per the requirement. It helps to gradually grow the scope and viability of video surveillance solution.
  • Remote Monitoring: NVRs enable the remote monitoring functions, one can control the camera functions like zoom and focus on the go through the mobile, while being away from the CCTV Surveillance site. The live streaming video feed can be monitored on any device, including mobile, I-pad, laptop, it is possible seamlessly due to NVRs core competency.
  • Ease of installation: Ethernet cables play the double role by offering two-in one solution, they supply power to the camera and seamlessly transfer the data to the NVR. The idea of using only one cable per IP camera makes the installation process much easier and more flexible than analog systems.
  • Remote viewing and audio input: NVRS and Network (IP) Cameras offer a unique advantage to the end-user. They can access the live security footage remotely. One can access the footage from mobile phone, laptop, desktop or I-pad. One can view, save, and manage the security video as per requirement. This is now a must-have feature of video surveillance for most business owners and CSOs. Another advantage is the additional audio feed. Since Ethernet transmits audio, each IP camera can deliver an audio stream to the NVR in addition to video. 
  • Intelligence and Video Content Analytics: NVRs and IP cameras can do more than record, compress and store video surveillance footage. Now the NVRs and IP Cameras are embedded with intelligence and edge analytics capabilities. 

PRAMA also offers a wide range of NVRs with some unique features. For example -PT-NR3A32-M16/R Network Video Recorder (NVR). Its key features includes up to 32-ch IP camera inputs. Apart from other standard specifications it supports special cameras, including people counting camera, ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) camera, and fisheye camera. This NVR supports Smart & POS Function. It also provides POS information overlay on live view and playback functions and enables POS triggered recording and alarm notifications. The versatile, PRAMA PT-NR3A32-M16/R Network Video Recorder has it all. It also supports Video Content Analysis (VCA) and its motion detection, line crossing and intrusion detection functions. It can support heat map of a retail site analysis for business intelligence function. It can enable ANPR function in parking lot for a swift parking experience. It can further help in People Counting Function in a mall or retail store to add more to the business intelligence data.

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