PRAMA VMS PROFESSIONAL is a software platform for integrating and managing security systems. It is designed to meet a variety of security challenges on a single platform. With Prama VMS Professional, you can manage multiple individual systems with ease, such as video security, access control, security alarms, and more, as well as explore cross-system functionalities.

Daily operations become more efficient while protection of people and property improve all around. Users of all kinds are making smarter decisions.


Key Features

Light and Efficient

  • Lightweight architecture features reduced consumption of system resources
  • Capable of managing multiple systems of varying sizes with consistent efficiency


Unified and Flexible

  • Supports combining various applications under a unified, on-demand architecture for collaboration across business segments
  • Continuously developed to meet new business needs


Integrated and Open

  • Compatible with all Prama products and their applications, including AI based analytics and statistics
  • Open architecture permits easy integration with third-party systems and hardware


Manageable Resource

Managed Devices 2,048
*Including Encoding Devices, Access Control Devices, Security Control Devices and Remote Sites
Encoding Devices Supporting ONVIF Protocol 2,048
Video Intercom Devices 5,000
Dock Stations 1,500
Network Transmission Devices 128
On-Board Devices 1,000
Fire Protection Devices 2,048
Entrance/Exit Stations 40
Recording Servers 64
Streaming Servers 64
Cameras 10,000
With RSM: 100,000
Maximum Number of Fisheye Cameras 10,000
Maximum Number of Cameras for People Counting
Alarm Inputs (excluding security control panels and panic alarm devices) 5,000
Alarm Inputs of Security Control Devices 10,000
Security Control Partitions (Areas) 2,048
Alarm Outputs 3,000
ANPR Cameras 3,000
People Counting Cameras Recommended: 3,000
Heat Map Cameras Recommended: 1,024
Queue Management Cameras Recommended: 3,000
Thermal Cameras Recommended: 20
Cameras per Area 256
Alarm Inputs per Area
Alarm Outputs per Area

Event & Alarm

Event and Alarm Rules 10,000
Storage of Events or Alarms Without Pictures 1,000/s
Storage of Events or Alarms with Pictures 20/s (Stored in SYS)
80/s (Stored in Recording Server)
l Web Client: 20 events or alarms with picture per second; 40 events or alarms without picture per second; 100 access events/s.
Events or Alarms Sent to Clients l Control Client: 120 events or alarm/s.
*The clients include Web Client, Control Clients and Mobile Clients. l 100 Clients/s
Combined Alarm 10/s
User-Defined Events 10,000

User and Role

Concurrent Accesses via Web Clients and Control Clients 100
Concurrent Accesses via Mobile Clients 100
Users 3,000
Roles 3,000
Users for Double Authentications 50


Departments 3,000
Department Hierarchies 10
Size of a Profile Picture 300 KB
Total Size of Profile Pictures 300 GB
Resigned Persons 1,00,000
Resignation Types 100

Data Storage

Data Retention Period Stored for 3 Years
People Counting 5 million each year
Heat Map 0.25 million each year
ANPR Records
Events 60 million each year
Access Records 1.4 billion each year
Attendance Records 55 million each year
Visitor Records 10 million each year
Operation Logs
Service Information Logs 5 million each year
Service Error Logs
Recording Tags 60 million each year


Scheduled Report Rules of Event and Alarm 100
Event or Alarm Rules in One Event/Alarm Report Rule 32
Records in One Sent Report 10,000 or 10 MB
Resources Selected in One Report 32
*With this limitation, you can generate a neat and
clear report via the Control Client and it costs less time.
Maximum Number of Stores 1,000

Video & Intelligent Analysis


Recording Schedule 30,000
Recording Schedule Template 200

Face Comparison

Face Pictures for Comparison 10,00,000
Face Comparison Groups 64
Persons in One Face Comparison Group 10,00,000
Storage of Face Comparison Events Without Pictures 1,000/s
Storage of Face Comparison Events with Pictures 100/s (Stored in Recording Server)

Intelligent Recognition

Intelligent Analysis Groups 1,000
Resources in One Group 64
Persons for Intelligent Recognition 10,00,000


Total Stores 1,000
Total Analysis Group 1000

Evidence Management

Evidences 1,00,000
Evidence Files 50,00,000

Streaming Server

Video Input Bandwidth per Streaming Server 200 × 2 Mbps
Video Output Bandwidth per Streaming Server 200 × 2 Mbps

Access Control & Time and Attendance & Visitor

Access Control

Persons with Credentials for Access Control 50,000
Total Credentials (Card + Fingerprint) 2,50,000
Cards 2,50,000
Fingerprints 2,00,000
Irises 1,00,000
Profiles 50,000
Access Points (Doors + Floors) 1,024
Access Levels 512
Access Schedules 32
Templates for Card Printing 32

Time and Attendance

Persons for Time and Attendance 50,000
Schedules 128
Holidays 32
Break Timetable 128
Custom Rules for T&A Status on Device 128
Overtime Types 128
Leave Types
Approval Roles 100
Approval Flows 1,000
Concurrent Login of Employees via Client 500

Vehicle & ANPR

Vehicles per List 5,000
Vehicles 5,00,000
Custom Vehicle Types 10
Storage of ANPR Alarm Without Pictures 1,000/s
Storage of ANPR Alarm with Picture 20/s (Stored in SYS)
100/s (Stored in Recording Server)
Vehicle Passing Frequency in Each Lane 1 Vehicle/s

On-Board Monitoring

Fence Rules for One Vehicle 4
Vehicles Can Be Located in One Client 64
Retention Period of GPS Data 1 year
Retention Period of Statistics Data 3 years
Maximum Number of Drivers 10,000
Maximum Number of Driving Routes 1,000
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