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Jul 2022

Pros & Cons of Wireless CCTV Cameras That Can Function Without Internet Access

Pros & Cons of Wireless CCTV Cameras That Can Function Without Internet Access

Jan 01, 1970

CCTV cameras (Closed-Circuit Television) are a potent technology that is commonly utilized for security and protection. Their popularity has grown significantly over time, as more people have invested in them.

CCTV cameras are used for both private and public surveillance and are one of the most effective security methods for crime control. The various types of cameras can be installed in both residential or commercial premises and can be used both indoors or outdoors. A CCTV camera, like any other camera, collects images and videos which are then signal processed into a recording device and displayed on a screen. They can examine both recorded and live footage for surveillance and monitoring purposes.

CCTV cameras, like most electrical equipment that uses the internet these days, use the power of the internet to broadcast signals over a network to be watched remotely.

But what if there is no internet access? Can you utilize CCTV cameras without an internet connection? Continue reading to find out.

Do Wireless Security Cameras Need the Internet?

Wireless home security cameras do not always require internet access. Rather, there are a variety of security cameras that can store their footage locally onto micro-SD cards or hard discs for subsequent viewing. IP cameras are cameras that do not require internet access, may or may not have cellular or landline backup. While this does not connect it to the internet, it can connect it to professional monitoring teams if this service is available, allowing them to respond when motion is detected while the camera is armed. To summarise, not all wireless home cameras require internet access, but the majority of them do, and we advocate internet-connected network cameras.

The Pros of Security Cameras For Home Without the Internet

  1. A data breach is not possible.

Hackers will never be able to infiltrate wireless cameras that transmit data within your four walls. Ring home security systems made headlines about a year ago when hackers hijacked the signal and began spying on individuals inside their homes.

2. Live Streaming

Live streaming on a mobile app is only possible if the camera is connected on the network (Wi-Fi or internet)

3. Remote control

Most cameras allow for remote operation, including arming and disarming, optical zooming, and two-way audio communication.

4. Notifications

Depending on the amount of artificial intelligence of the camera, you’ll be told when it detects movement, a person, a package, a pet, or a vehicle. The more AI capabilities the camera has, the more targeted the notifications are.

5. During power outages

Only if the wireless camera has UPS power or battery provision which works as redundant power in case home power outage.

6. There is no influence on bandwidth

Unlike home WiFi cameras, IP cameras will not slow down your internet by consuming valuable bandwidth.

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The Cons of Security Cameras For Home Without the Internet

  1. Your security team will be unable to monitor the video feed in real-time using a PC, phone, or tablet.

This is a significant advantage for internet-connected surveillance systems. You or your trusted security team can connect to an online app using a phone. Then you may see through the eyes of your business’s cameras at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

2. If there is an intruder at your business, you will not be notified

Internet-connected video cameras frequently include software that allows you or your security experts to receive security alerts by text message. If you install wireless surveillance cameras that do not link to the internet, you will lose this benefit.

3. Your information will be kept on-site on a DVR or a micro-SD card

This implies it cannot be hacked, but it is subject to physical theft. Thieves could take the DVR right out of an office if your business is broken into, for example. Also, the footage will have to be kept. That means you’ll have to watch the storage device since it will ultimately run out of space.

4. You will also be unable to use two-way communication services

Modern internet-connected IP cameras enable your security team to communicate with someone on-site via the camera. The internet provides a level of control that allows business owners a great deal of flexibility.

5. There is no cloud storage

While the footage will be kept on some type of local storage, it will not be sent to cloud storage, so you will have to build redundancy manually.

6. The battery will die

One disadvantage of all wireless cameras is that the battery must be recharged or replaced at some point (unless it is powered by a solar panel, which is uncommon).

You may also control the IP camera without connecting to the internet. They must be connected to your home network and require remote viewing software, but there is no need for an internet connection. Can wireless cameras function in the absence of an internet connection? They will require a home network or router to connect. Wireless sensors necessitate the same hardware.

Alarm technicians can install video surveillance without the need for an internet connection. They can also install an IP camera without access to the internet. If the Internet is unimportant, the security system can be removed, especially since it is quite simple to construct a system that is not dependent on the Internet. Even systems that are externally monitored need redundant mechanisms to assure safety during downtime.


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