How Prama security solution helps to grow logistics business?

If you are in the logistics business, then you may have heard about the term smart logistics management being discussed. But what exactly is it? And how can it help your business? How can it help you?

You will be answered for all the queries; first, let’s drive in.

The globalization of the thriving e-commerce market has led to an increase in demand for goods, fueling the expansion of the logistics market. To fully utilize and fulfill industrial demands, the logistics industries have maximized their performance and output by tracking and delivering goods every day.

The logistics industry faces certain issues due to the lack of real-time data. Having real-time data on the docks and warehouses helps the management make quick decisions by enhancing the performance and output of the docks.

If there is a loaded truck that needs to be unloaded, knowing which warehouse is vacant would help the driver and the management save time and unload the goods quickly.

How solution helps your business?

In order to overcome these challenges, the Prama logistics solution uses advanced technologies and data to optimize the supply chain. These lead to ease of work and a hassle-free workplace. These solutions are equipped with various smart CCTV cameras, PTZ cameras, perimeter protection, and exit/entry solutions.

What is the role of the logistics management solution?

Prama provides a one-key technology solution for easy and smart management of warehouses and docks. The Prama logistics solution safeguards the flow of goods from the point of source to the point of delivery. Featuring the most advanced CCTV technology for end-to-end system tailoring to specific needs.

The top benefit of the Prama Solution

Implementing and integrating the smart solution can bring a range of benefits for your business, like:

Real-time data

The AI-integrated PTZ cameras track every moment in the vehicles. Getting real-time data and the location of the vehicle allows the company to make quick decisions in case of errors or delays.

Smart health and safety checks

The smart AI camera and FRT (face recognition terminal) recognize the face of the person to provide entry into the premises. The FRT allows entry only to the authorized person, detecting the temperature of the person. The camera recognizes if the person is wearing safety equipment; if not, it warns them.

Improves vehicle and dock management

The large dashboards and displays help you get a quick status update in real time, and the dock manager can have a view of what’s going on the premises. These help to maximize the efficiency and output of the dock.

Improves goods tracking

The Prama solution helps to create automated, secured, and trackable goods management on the premises. This helps to support the secured flow of goods across multiple sites. The Prama solution is accurate for tracking goods, scanning, delivering, and monitoring people.

Improves site security

The Prama perimeter protection provides crystal clear video footage of the area, which helps monitor the area properly and improve security. The cameras produce images even in low-light conditions, giving you a clear image even in the dark.


Prama provides you with total security for your premises, boosting your business, reducing costs, enhancing the customer experience, and improving efficiency.

So, to optimize your business and manage your supply chain, consider implementing a smart logistics solution today.

Smart Traffic Solutions by PRAMA Promises Secured Roads and Safe Travel

Now-a-days moving from one place to another has become really convenient, but convenience comes with a lot of hassle, traffic, and crowd. We all use various modes of transportation as per our convenience but it has to be easygoing, so that there are no complications faced by anyone.

So for easy movement, the Prama smart traffic solution helps to keep the traffic flow smoothly assisting people to reach their preferred location more easily. It keeps everything on the line by increasing traffic efficiency, enhancing road security, and reducing enforcement disputes.

The solution helps the authority to focus on the streets, viewing that rules & regulations are followed by the drivers correctly, this reduces unsafe driving while promoting a smooth flow of traffic in the city.

The solution enables the traffic command centers to get real-time updates on the ongoing traffic, this helps in smart decision-making by enhancing the safety level and reducing the congested traffic.

What do we offer?

Smart street solution

The smart street solution uses an AI-integrated security camera that provides all-round security with all the analytical data that is required by the officials. These help to identify traffic jams at the intersection by counting the number & the license plates of the vehicles. The system analyzes the road traffic data to determine whether to turn the signal green, red, or orange to ensure the smooth flow of the traffic.

What are the advantages of installing this solution?

Ensures drivers & people safety

The solution helps to enhance road safety by imposing penalties on people violating the rules, like crossing red lights, driving without a helmet or seat belt, wrong-way driving, illegal lane change, and many more. This helps to reduce road accidents and reduce traffic.

Reduces unwanted disputes

The system helps to detect various rule violations and captures the video footage in high clarity it works as a piece of evidence and helps to reduce the unwanted disputes between the authorities and the citizens. 

Speed management

The solution helps to manage the speed management with higher accuracy, it effectively helps to regulate safe driving and take action against the people violating the rules. The smart Ai integrated cameras recognize the fast-moving vehicle license plate easily and quickly.

Improves law enforcement system

The solution helps to improve the efficiency of the law enforcement system by providing the data with high accuracy and precision. It notifies the authorities if anyone violates the rule, and records video footage in high quality to prevent disputes between the authority and citizens.

Provides detailed data

The system provides detailed data on all the vehicles passing by. The authorities can specifically check for the license plate of a particular vehicle, and within a specific period get all the rule violation details of it.


Prama offers a complete smart traffic solution that provides a 360-degree view to authorities. Our internet-based AI camera provides real-time traffic data, helping in decision-making.

The Importance of Regular CCTV Surveillance Audit

The technology continues to be a great enabler in the physical security segment, it has helped to break many barriers, which existed while security management was operating in different silos. The security management has evolved further with the adaptation of newer and smarter technologies. CCTV Surveillance is one such technology marvel that has simplified the complex task of security management to a certain extent. With the help of AI applications, lots of manual security functions and Video Content Analysis tasks are being automated. Despite all the buzz around AI and IoT, what has not changed over the years in security management is the resilience, discipline, alertness and due diligence, now it is required more than ever despite having the best hardware and software systems.

Security Management Basics

The value one may derive from the CCTV Surveillance systems often depends on the time and attention given by following the best practices in the physical security management. If CCTV Surveillance doesn’t help with real-time alerts and threats during any security event, then often serious questions are being raised about its utility.  The security managers have a hard task to justify the huge investments incurred in installing security systems. The CCTV Surveillance systems are expected to give return on investment (ROI) by providing vital clues on past and present security breaches.

This is the reason why the regular CCTV Surveillance Audit is a mandatory norm for the seasoned physical security professionals. It helps to find the loopholes in performance, technical glitches in system and security breaches captured on the video surveillance feeds stored in the command and control system.  

Need for CCTV Surveillance Audit

The urgent need for a professional CCTV Surveillance Audit is felt by the organisations and Chief Security Officers across the verticals. Keeping the constant check on huge stacks of Video surveillance data and systems is mission critical requirement. It is important to do the regular audits of video surveillance feed and systems by compiling professional security audit reports on past video feeds and system status.

A professional CCTV audit helps to identify the fault lines in the security management. It is a holistic overview of the entire security ecosystem, including a thorough check of hardware, software and system related redundancies.

One of the most crucial aspects of video security management is real time monitoring and audit. It is imperative to check the video surveillance footage regularly for vital clues and repeat offenders. The careful video content analysis gives clues to many unforeseen threats and emerging threats. This alone creates a compelling case for a regular CCTV audit in any CCTV Surveillance project.

The CCTV audit has two aspects, the first one related to the video surveillance footage recorded over a certain period and the other aspect relates to the system health check status of command and control room and all the systems attached to the network.

Evidence Class Video

One may feel helpless in case or event where he is a victim in a crime incident. The video evidence can help to nab the culprit and recover the valuables. Imagine if in such a case, law enforcement agency finds the video evidence of the event. The CCTV audit is gaining prominence due to its uncanny ability to find vital clues about the events and circumstances.  The core idea behind CCTV Surveillance audit is to have all the security events recorded as evidence class footage for the post event analysis. On the proactive security front, this may help enable a culture of real time alerts and monitoring the live event situations, which may result in deployment of quick response teams and timely innervation.

CCTV Audit Process Flow

It may appear complex process, but when you have a checklist for CCTV audit, things may appear relatively simple. As we go step by step in the CCTV Audit process, we discover the system anomalies and problems.

Camera Placement: The CCTV Camera placements need to be checked whether the camera placement on the CCTV Surveillance Project site is in perfect place as per the security design and planning. The correct placement of the camera to be verified along with their directions. The camera output needs to be checked along with its sensors and resolution parameters. It is often found during the audits that camera locations and directions were changed, while cleaning, painting or organising internal events.

Alarms Response: Alarm notification function in CCTV surveillance cameras to be checked and verified as per the laid out plans and security protocols. Ensuring false alarms doesn’t hinder the core functions is very important.

System Inspection: The CCTV Surveillance audit should do a comprehensive system inspection to detect any faulty camera or malfunctioned system over the network. It must take note of outdated systems that need an upgrade. It may include some cameras, cables, connectors and key components, one must mark them in the inspection report. By identifying the non-performing systems in the network, system inspection performs an important part of audit.

Professional Cabling: The professional cabling is an important aspect of any CCTV Surveillance project. It has to be checked if cabling norms are followed during the various phases of system maintenance. Wires and cables of the system should be assessed while doing a CCTV audit. It needs to be verified that typical cabling errors like loose wires, improper insulation are not repeated under any circumstances and other best practices are followed.

Security Breaches and Tempering: The CCTV audit must take notice of incidents of vandalism, system tempering or security breaches happed in the part. It must take adequate measures so that no such incidents are repeated in the future.

Video Security Footage Review: The video security footage review is an integral and important part of the CCTV Surveillance Audit. It reveals many critical nuggets about looming threats, emerging risks and key people involved in security breaches. This review must be separate and independent from the CCTV monitoring reports that those organizations are generating on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Human Errors and Technical Snags: The CCTV Surveillance Audit must point out the human errors and technical snags by the security or monitoring teams on the line of duty. It must be done without fear or favour with a sense of objectivity and integrity.

Storage Requirement Status Review: The CCTV Surveillance Audit must review the short term and long term video surveillance footage storage requirements. It must ensure to address all the technical and operational challenges involved in the process.

System Maintenance Status Review: The command and control system, video walls, monitors, joysticks, control panels, networking devices, switches, keyboards, all the systems and  units involved in  the CCTV Surveillance project must be inspected along with the past maintenance record.

Documentation for CCTV Surveillance Audit: The CCTV Surveillance Audit is an ongoing process and it is a critical document to access the efficacy of security management. Every audit report should be compiled in physical and digital format in a discreet manner. The reports must be compiled in an orderly manner with date and time with names of team members. The outcomes must be marked with grades for different categories so the teams may try to improve their performance by taking corrective measures.


The CCTV Surveillance Audit process is incomplete without the highly valuable recommendations to improve the overall performance of CCTV Surveillance process. It must be clear and precise in terms of technical upgrades and changing the old systems.

Implementation:The implementation of CCTV Surveillance Audit report recommendations is a highly valuable task as it is the final outcome of the tedious process and team effort. If the CCTV Surveillance audit Report and its recommendations improves the overall performance of security management, then it is a win-win situation for all. If security wins over the odds,then it’s a victory for the entire organisation and security ecosystem.

Fish Eye Cameras

360-Degree Surveillance for Your Business: Enhance Security with Prama Fish Eye Cameras

We need an eye that sees everything and that protects us all the time. 24×7, there are different types of security cameras available on the market with different lenses. One of the most popular CCTV cameras is the fisheye lens camera. The Prama fish-eye camera captures a wider view in a single frame. The latest AI-integrated Prama fish-eye camera can be in warehouses, grocery stores, malls, halls, parking lots, and more. It provides you with a 360-degree view of all the surroundings; it captures the images from all sides and merges them as one so that you can get a single display to monitor.

Fish Eye  CCTV Camera
Fish Eye CCTV Camera

When mounted on the side wall, it captures a 180-degree view, while when installed in the middle of the ceiling, it gives you a 360-degree view. It is much more preferred to be installed in the middle of the ceiling to get an overall view of the region without leaving any of the blind spots.

The Prama Fish Eye Camera is easy to install; it requires only a single Ethernet cable and can provide you with coverage that is equal to that of four standard cameras. The camera is available in 8 MP, 16 MP, and 32 MP resolutions. You can choose the camera as per your requirements and needs.

Features of the Prama fisheye camera are

Prama India Fish Eye Camera Providing 360-Degree of Sight

 As we know, fish eye lenses are known for their 360-degree view and clear, detailed, and panoramic visual experience.

Prama CCTV Camera Integrated with Intelligence Features

The camera provides you with data, which helps boost your business in a very effective and cost-saving manner. The camera uses built-in heat mapping and people counting; this provides data on which shelves more people are standing. This helps boost the trending goods & products; it works best when installed in the centre of the store.

The fish-eye camera is featured with people-counting

The camera also gives people counting data, which can be used to know the foot flow of the store and at what are the peak time people are visiting the store. These are useful for safety and marketing purposes for the business.

Experience crystal-clear visuals with Prama India’s fish-eye camera

The lens gives you a crystal clear image for better security, and the 4K resolution gives a detailed, panoramic visual, giving you more detail about the scene.

Cost-Saving Solutions for CCTV Camera Installation

The Prama Fish eye camera is a cost-saving pack as it saves a lot of your money, it covers the whole area, saving the cost of four standard cameras.

Stay connected anywhere with the Prama App

You can view the live feed data on your phone from anywhere with the Prama app. These give you peace of mind.

Deep learning technology

The camera is integrated with deep learning algorithms like heat mapping, crowd flow detection, people counting, and more. It has the feature of multiple cameras in one. It can be used to boost your business and aid in smart decision-making.

How Prama VMS Solution Can Safeguard the Oil & Gas Industry

Extracting oil from the ground is not easy, as it requires a lot of time and financial investment. But with the declining demand, the industry is forced to choose between continuing production.

Many organizations kept their decision on the extraction and added up their difficulties. The oil is not stored for a longer period of time as selling is a quick process, and the companies do not invest in the long-term storage capacity.

While the oil price begins to rise, the profit remains below the normal level while they make adjustments to maintain production.

How can the solution help your business?

Installing a Prama video management system (VMS) solution adds full data analytics as well as the ability to get alerts on the phone device and command center. You now have comprehensive monitoring access as well as analytics collection for businesses, eliminating the need to run a single power cable to get the system up and running.

An easy solution for system integration

Installing a CCTV camera in a remote location to transmit video data 24×7 can waste a lot of energy and put strain on your budget. Even though the data is being collected, you won’t be able to address the problem faced in this particular situation.

Prama uses a smart AI-integrated camera that is excellent at capturing images and detecting motion and can also alert personnel to the nature of the event.

Did a truck arrive at the port? Has an unknown person approached the property?

Cameras with Artificial Intelligence

AI-integrated cameras to cover all the spots

For the security of oil and gas companies, one can deploy advanced AI cameras that can detect motion and objects such as people, animals, and vehicles. You can specify “who has” crossed a virtual line and “who” is roaming around. Including a sound classification yields even more data. One can now collect actionable data in real time and quickly and effectively resolve events and incidents.

Prama AI cameras are capable of more than simply monitoring a location. The system can be configured to send alerts to management only when a camera detects motion, reducing false positives caused by shadows or false objects.

Cost saving to minimize your expense

Cost-saving is the main target of all businesses. With the Prama solution, businesses can save a lot of time and money, allowing the security team to make better use of time and resources. The authorised person can access all the data and live footage from the remote location on their phones and computers with the help of the solution. With access to more data and an intelligent camera, the network connection company can plan for better management. With this, oil and gas companies can recover their costs with better protection for their assets. With the Prama Solution, which is a cost-saving solution with better management to address all the problems and provide the best security for all you need, to learn more, you can visit our website.

PRAMA predicts the key security industry trends for Indian Market in 2023

For India’s premier Indigenous security brand PRAMA, year 2023 was filled with unprecedented opportunities. They were up for the grab for innovators and resilient solution providers, who understand the Indian security market pulse through customization. It is important to stay updated with the latest security trends that are redefining the Indian security market.

Indigenous Manufacturing Delivers Value: The indigenous manufacturing of security products has delivered good value to end-users and channel partners in terms of cost and service. The benefits of reduced cost of indigenously manufactured security products and solutions are being experienced by the key stakeholders of Indian security market. The cost benefits of indigenous manufacturing are delivering on the front of custom duties and taxation. The security industry is now experiencing the advantages of indigenous manufacturing and if the trend continues it could be a game changer. Indigenous manufacturing of security products in India has proven its worth during the global supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic related restrictions.

Customisation is Vital Indian Security Market: A major challenge with the video security cameras and security products is that if they are not customised to the specific requirements and environment of the end-users. There are always some areas that remain uncovered, unattended and unresolved. Consequently, this could pose a huge risk giving rise to unwanted security incidents.
This is where PRAMA security products and solutions have an edge over the competitors. Our team of professionals that are best in the industry, chalk out a comprehensive plan so as to ensure that the Video security Cameras are customised as per the wish list of the end-user with special inputs from the expert consultants and system integrator.

Public Safety Solutions Continues to Drive Growth: The pandemic threat is over, but public safety concerns are continuing with new challenges and concerns. We should be watchful about the newer public safety challenges. We can’t afford to lower the guard. Contactless Access Control Devices and Public Safety systems help to tackle the pandemic threat by enabling compliance measures. Ensuring social distancing and crowd control solutions are experiencing demand from various verticals. It is a valuable lesson from the pandemic crisis, it should not be ignored at any point of time.
Artificial intelligence (AI) Applications Add Value: Artificial Intelligence is leading all the way through multiple applications, algorithms and solutions. AI enabled solutions are adding value not only to security products but they are enhancing the capabilities of solutions in a proactive manner.

Growth in Cloud Computing and Remote Video Monitoring: The Cloud Computing and Remote Video Monitoring Trend is growing due to fast adaptation. The software as a service (SaaS) model has proved its worth in some sectors including Cloud Computing and Remote Video Monitoring. To know whether this model is going to succeed in the Indian security market, we have to wait and watch the results.

Health Monitoring of security Systems: Apart from the surge in demand for remote video surveillance monitoring, there is clear growth visible in the health monitoring of security systems. This is not the entire story, the health monitoring of security systems is adding to the new revenue streams of the key Indian security market.

Smart Security Products with Smarter Solutions

Smart security products are much in demand now due to growing uncertainties and security concerns. AI enabled applications are making video security cameras smart and smarter solutions can be stitched with innovative approaches. PRAMA AI Sense cameras are one good example of smart security products that are paving way for new breakthroughs and benchmarks.

security camera
Prama Security Camera

Video Management Solution: PRAMA Video Management (VMS) Standard Client Software is a versatile video management client. This can be integrated the video security Cameras, DVRs, NVRs, encoders for monitoring and operating video security functions. It can be further integrated with access control devices and security control panels. PRAMA VMS can be integrated with video intercom devices and VCA devices, etc.  This VMS software enables real- time live view, video recording, video footage search and playback, event and alarm alerts, etc.

AI Sense Solution: PRAMA AI Sense Solutions, include AI Sense Cameras, DVRs and NVRS

Enforcement Solution: This Enforcement Solution applies to various application scenarios, including Law Enforcement, Frontline Patrolling, Event Monitoring, Construction Zones, Forensic Footage, Abuse of Force, Field Worker Protection and Private Security.

In Bus Surveillance: This solutionhelps in supervising the drivers to prevent unsafe driving. The solution captures the bus’s interior and exterior for comprehensive monitoring as per requirement.

It monitors the entire vehicle and ensure students/ passengers remain secure during the commute to school or the travel destination. PRAMA In Bus Surveillance Solution, includes Mobile Camera, Mini-Dome Camera, MVR, Panic Button for Emergency Alarm, GPS, LCD Screen and Intercom Box.

Rangin View: When it comes to ensuring security and safety, seeing every detail clearly, especially in low light conditions is very important. PRAMA’s Full time color technology solution captures high-quality, full-color video 24/7, which enables businesses and homeowners to protect people and property at night with the same sharp rendering as in daylight.

PRAMA  Rangin View Solution, includes Dome, Bullet and Turret CCTV Cameras, NVRs and DVRs embedded with Rangin View Technology.

Advance Traffic Management System: PRAMA Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) offers the capability to spot possible threats in advance so that necessary precautions can be taken. PRAMA’s field-proven Solution keeps everyone moving safely and peacefully – in cars, buses, trains, subways, motorcycles, bicycles, and even for the pedestrians. PRAMA Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS),includes products, namely, Check Point Capture Unit, Radar and Video Vehicle Detector, Intersection Section Violation Unit, Illegal Parking Detection Speed Dome, Hybrid SAN, Cluster Storage 3.0.

Critical Infrastructure and Banking Solution: PRAMA offers a solution embedded with advanced technology that helps to monitor the banking operations. It helps to secure the branches & ATM centers.

PRAMA Banking solution, includes video surveillance solutions for key banking operations. It covers the key areas of bank Teller Counters, Vaults, Cashier’s Cabin, Manager’s office. It also offers centralized and remote monitoring security solutions.

Healthcare Solution: PRAMA’s healthcare solution offers advanced security products to monitor the activities of hospital staffs, visitors, patients and healthcare professionals. It covers Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and other sensitive limited access areas of the healthcare facilities.

The healthcare solution, includes IP cameras, NVRs, and video management — serving to make a reliable, versatile security platform for hospitals and health service facilities.

Indigenous Manufacturing Imperative

Indigenous manufacturing focus has put the PRAMA brand on the forefront of innovation. It has developed video security products to deliver the cutting edge security solutions.

R & D and Innovation Hub

India is fast emerging as the leading R&D and Innovation Hub. PRAMA has set up its Research and Development Center to develop products, technologies and solutions that are suitable to the Indian environment, standards and policy framework. It has a dedicated team of innovators and engineers to develop the customized solutions, and advanced applications required by the end-users, system integrators and ecosystem partners. Its R&D Centre is developing the hardware and software solutions to cater to wide range of requirements from across the verticals.

Atmanirbhar Bharat Mission Prama India has a great regard and commitment to India and Indians with a holistic vision of ‘Surakshit Bharat’. PRAMA India team is putting its best efforts and commitment towards ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Mission’ to support the government initiatives. PRAMA’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility near Mumbai is a shining example of its long term commitment towards ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Mission’. PRAMA is implementing the Government of India’s vision into a reality by developing Indigenous manufacturing roadmap.

Decoding Innovative Transportation Solutions for Indian Scenarios

The Indian transportation ecosystem is mega puzzle that needs to be decoded with help of customized solutions.  The innovative transportation solutions that can be customized as per the local requirements and challenges.

The latest technologies, products and solutions are much in demand with evolving trends. The transportation security management can be perpetual challenge. The fast growing transportation vertical has emerged with specific requirements for Smart Traffic and Mobility Solutions.

Thelatest transportation solutions for highways, metros, airports and ports, includes solutions for License Plate Recognition, Public Safety, Law Enforcement and ‘In vehicle monitoring’ system.

 Smart Transportation Trend and Intelligent Transportation System

The Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is the backbone of the Smart Transportation Trend. Augmenting itself in the smart segment as Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), transportation function ranges across network management systems, public transport ITS, freight and commercial ITS, road safety system, security/crime reduction ITS, Communication ITS, and automotive & infotainment telematics.

Prama India offers the best-in-class solutions to make the transportation, smart and secure at every touch point. For smart transportation requirements, we offer innovative solutions in the following segments to enable smart traffic management and safe transit. Our Intelligent Traffic Systems and solutions include, illegal parking detection system and a mobile police security system integrated into a comprehensive control platform. The ITS subsystems offers solutions related to speeding detection, Traffic Incident Detection System, Intersection Violation Detection, Traffic Flow Collection, Parking Violation, Mobile Enforcement, etc.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled ITS solutions can help in addressing and eliminating security threats.

Smart Traffic Solutions

PRAMA offers Smart Traffic Solutions, which has the capabilities of resolving the key traffic issues. This solution can help in managing the traffic jam situations in various scenarios. It also has speed detection cameras and radars for the transport authorities to find the cases of violations.

It offers varied transportation and traffic solutions, which are empowered by the Artificial Intelligence (AI). This includes, identification of vehicle, speed detection, helmet detection and driver behavior detection.  The PRAMA’s Transportation Product Portfolio has Advanced Traffic Management Cameras and myriad solutions including ANPR Cameras and E-Challan.

Resolving Challenges

The challenges to security in smart transportation can be classified into cyber security and physical security threats. The physical security threats relate to traffic rule violations, non -compliance of road safety norms (Seat belt, Helmet etc.), attacks on traffic police, traffic congestion, road-rage, hit and run cases, and toll fare evasion. These challenges are the core traffic safety and transportation security issues. The cyber security threats, include, conventional cyber-attacks on Smart Transportation networks.

The pandemic impact is visible on the Smart Transportation sector in India and across the globe. The passengers prefer the mode of mobility based on three key factors- affordability, experience, and convenience. But, after the pandemic situation another important factor got added to the list, i.e. the Health and Safety compliance. The passengers would want the source of mobility to be so safe that the virus infection would not pass on to the other co-passengers or the driver. The Smart City Mission and Safe City projects are giving a major boost to the Smart and intelligent transportation infrastructure. The Urban Transportation (Metro Rail, Railway & BRTS) roadmap and Smart transportation projects need serious planning as per the evolving post-pandemic situation.

Indigenous Education Security Solutions for Indian Campuses

India’s education sector is vast and holds great potential for innovative security solutions. Security should be prioritized in every aspect of the education campuses to ensure the tranquil environment for each stakeholder. Right from the moment the child leaves the parent to start for school till the time he is back home – for every situation many  innovative security solutions have been designed. These include, Video Security Solutions for School Bus, GPS tracking, Visitor Management, Visitor Car Checking, Automatic Number Plates Recognition (ANPR) for Vehicles and Access Control Solutions.

Education Security Solutions

Integrated Security Solution for Multiple challenges

There are multiple challenges that transcend the size, location and grade level for all campuses and educational facilities, which involves not just installing security systems, but also managing them effectively.

The education security requirements can be categorized in following segments:

  • Need for holistic security in the education campus for all the stakeholders (students, staff, teachers and visitors)
  • To maintain these security systems and controls in an environment that is open and conducive to learning.
  • The seamless integration of Video Security, Access Control, Perimeter Security and Intruder Alarm onto one VMS platform.
  • To install, manage and maintain the security systems with professional standards.
  • The regular monitoring of evolving physical threats and cyber security breaches remains a perpetual challenge.

Creating Security Awareness 

Security compliance is more of an issue of mind-set and matter of priority. There is a need to change the mind-set from the reactive security to proactive security. In India the cost largely overwhelms the initiative to adopt even the basic security measures. The concept of security is not treated with the importance it deserves, in a majority of cases, it is adopted more out of a need to adhere to compliance norms rather than providing a perfect security solution.

To inculcate the culture of security awareness and compliance among the education ecosystem, various interactive training programs and contests can be helpful. The government can do a lot more by supporting the cause of education security. It is essential to have robust policies, guidelines, and standard operating protocols (SOPs) for the education sector. The government, educational institutes and security industry association should come together to frame guidelines for a safe and secure education ecosystem.

Indigenous and Innovative Solutions

PRAMA offers special customised   solutions for students, staff and visitors in the educational campuses. These solutions can be customized as per the requirements. These special solutions helped to manage educational institutions during the security event or crisis. They can help the education institutions to manage the crisis situation in a proactive manners without causing stress and panic to the quick response teams (QRT).

PRAMA has a wide variety of video security systems and integrated solutions to secure the premises of educational institutions. These security solutions offer comprehensive monitoring in the classroom, corridor areas, labs, library, playground and campus areas. With a comprehensive range of innovative security solutions, PRAMA is committed to secure the Indian education ecosystem.

The seamless integration and customization continues to be the USP of PRAMA products and solutions. Its education security solutions can be moulded and customized as per the local requirement or situation in a very innovative and cost effective manner. This is how PRAMA’s education security solutions are adding value to the education sector through its unique product offerings. It is striving to make the education security smart and proactive through innovative products and solutions.

Best Tips for Home Security System

We all count home as the place where we can rest and have a cup of tea with the have the peace of mind. So to attain that peace of mind we need a home security system that covers all the security aspects of protection.

A home security system can safeguard you from intruders. These devices can be put in several home locations. Just a few examples include motion detection lights, window sensors, and doorbell cameras. Your home is significantly safer and more secure with a Prama security system.

Installing a Prama motion detector 

Choose the right location for your sensor first

Although the motion sensor can be used inside as well as outside the property. It can capture the illuminate shadow & space, which helps to capture the moment of the intruders.

Motion detection sensors are great for keeping the intruders out of your home. This prevents pick locks & theft.

Installing Prama window sensors.

The Prama Window sensors can be installed on the window to prevent intruders from entering your house. The transmitter & the magnetic component of the sensor work together with the camera & the alarm when it detects any intruder opens the window.

The sensor can be mounted on the window frame of your property, & be sure to drill a hole before mounting the product. The sensor should not be blocked by any of the objects or barriers so that the sensor can work efficiently.

Surface Mounted Sensor

The surface-mounted sensors are easy to install & are less visible. The sensor is often stuck to the window with the adhesive gum & it’s not that visible. On the other side, while installing a window sensor you would need to drill hole as they are a little more challenging to install.

The best option is to go ahead with the wireless sensor, as they are easy to install. Where you won’t need to drill any holes or any other messes. 

The sensor should blink & emit an alarm while it’s activated, most of the sensors would emit an alarm & send you an alert when it gets activated or when its battery is low.

Install a video door phone camera

Installing a Prama VDP as your home security would be a low-cost solution as be a hassle-free experience for your property. When any of the visitors rings the doorbell & is at your door the VDP will send you the alert of the person who is standing at your door. The helps you to communicate both ways, which includes two-way audio & night vision in full color as you can see the whole scenario from anywhere.

These enable you to watch your property from anywhere, if any theft or robbery takes place, you will be notified about it. It sends you an alert while enabling you to get connected with the officials and get support as soon as possible. The camera is also enabled with night vision & low light where you can see you are standing at your door even at night.

You should always check that the system is connected to your home system and works as a part of your home security. Some of the cameras may not be equipped with low light & changing light conditions, you should always check before going ahead with the product.

These tips can help you enhance your security & give you peace of mind.

Which is the best PTZ camera?

Wide Area PTZ Camera

I am sure you all must be stuck in a situation of thinking which would be the best security camera to protect your property.

So let us clear this out!!

The word PTZ means “Pan Tilt Zoom”. PTZ cameras are the best for the security choice they can be adapted to any project as per the utilization. Because they can be zoomed, tilted as per your need, and can be used for long-distance observation.

What are PTZ cameras generally used for?

The PTZ cameras are used for security & designed with functional surveillance. Functional surveillance is needed when you can watch the video feed & control the camera to monitor a specific area. These cameras can be used in busy places to keep an eye on the crowd where loss or harm can take place.

The older PTZ cameras typically needed a person to actively control the camera all the time, while the modern PTZ cameras moved on their own with the help of AI algorithms. Parking lots, driveways, and large properties are all popular locations for PTZ cameras. You can mark a zone, and if any intruder trespasses you will be notified. We have some more advance Features like Motion based Auto tracking for tracking Objects in Field of view & 3D Positioning to zoom the

area wherever we want by just making the rectangle and the camera can zoom automatically to the particular area. There are also some cameras with Wiper facility where the camera has Motorized Wiper and can be operated remotely to clean the droplets on camera lens.

What things to consider while buying a PTZ camera?

With so many features & specifications backed up, it is tough to narrow down the selection of PTZ cameras as per the need of the project.

While choosing a PTZ camera, you need to remember certain things like the resolution, IP rating & the lens of the camera for a clear video even at a distance.

Video Resolution 

PTZ cameras are available in different resolutions like 2MP, 4MP, and 8MP. Where you can zoom in on the video footage and the video quality would not be pixelated as it also depends upon the resolution of the footage. You can expect more pixelation while using zoom with a 1080P camera when compared to a 4K camera.

Lens Specification

While video resolution determines the visual details of the video, the lens determines the distance that it can be viewed. A PTZ camera with more zoom can record video of far distance determining the resolution. There are different Optical zoom lens cameras available from min. 15X to 60X and above as per the Site requirement

IR Night Vision

Some PTZs do not include IR night vision, so before you buy make sure you check the feature of the product. IR night vision enables you to zoom the lens on the camera and see everything even at night.

How much video storage would you need?

If you’re using a single standalone camera for your project, you might be interested in buying the NVR recorder. Our NVRs range in capacity from 4 channels to 128 channels, with advanced data stream it helps to ease your work, supporting conventional cctv camera. The highly empowered AI chip & Algorithms enables the NVR to export options of data analytics. The NVR can be used for applications and used for diversified requirement as per the user.

Remembering all these things, you can easily think of installing the cameras on your property.

Understanding Bandwidth Management for better CCTV Surveillance

In the field of CCTV Surveillance and security, understanding the evolving challenges due to bandwidth issues is very critical. CCTV Surveillance Cameras require large amounts of bandwidth to transfer the video feed to DVR/NVR or Cloud. In almost all application case scenarios network bandwidth remains one of the most important factors. It is imperative to resolve the bandwidth issues.

Planning the bandwidth and Storage requirements of CCTV cameras is as important factor as the decisions about camera placements on any project site. This is because if the network is limited by the amount of traffic it can hamper the data delivery to destination. It clearly means that there are serious bandwidth issues in the network, A Video Surveillance System or Device that does not have an adequate amount of bandwidth will take more time and have more issues while sending through the video footage.

There is a direct relation between bandwidth and footage quality. The amount of bandwidth a CCTV system uses correlates to the overall quality of its video output. A higher quality video output requires more bandwidth which, in turn, requires more storage space.

Bandwidth Issues Impact Video Quality

Bandwidth issues pose serious network connectivity issues and result in bad quality video recording feed with freeze and drop out, poor resolution and chances are there that it may defeat the purpose for which CCTV surveillance cameras were deployed at a particular site.

The amount of bandwidth needed for a CCTV camera directly relates to the camera’s video quality. Generally, the higher the quality, the higher the bandwidth and need for storage space.

Different Bandwidth for Different Cameras

Bandwidth requirement keep on varying as per the camera specifications, it is not the same for every camera or solution requirements. Each CCTV surveillance camera has its own bandwidth demands. It solely depends on their resolution and other functionalities like Video Content Analysis (VCA), Edge Storage, VCA, AI Applications, etc.

IP versus Analog in Bandwidth Consumption

It is very crucial to understand the basic differences between the setups of IP Cameras and Analog Cameras in the context of bandwidth consumption. IP and Analog Video surveillance systems not only have different types of setups, but they also differ in bandwidth requirements. Analog cameras typically do not consume bandwidth because they are directly connected to the recorders themselves. In that case, only their recorder would consume bandwidth. IP cameras are connected to their IP network, they need to transmit data to the recorder and therefore consume network bandwidth.

Bandwidth Requirement

The answer to bandwidth requirement for CCTV surveillance lies in the elaborate bandwidth calculations. While designing a new CCTV Surveillance project or upgrading the existing surveillance solution, it’s important to make sure that system has enough bandwidth to function properly. Calculating the perfect bandwidth requirements will help to make the right decision.

Video Compression Technology

The video compression technology has been a great enabler for the security industry. With help of video compression technology, and the bandwidth requirement starts getting manageable. The popular video compression standards are MJPEG, MPEG4, and H.264. It is important to note that bandwidth reduction of anywhere between 80 – 99.5% is possible through the use of video compression technology.

All video compression standards work on the Constant Bit Rate (CBR) process, with minor variations. The level of compression possible is dependent on the video quality acceptable to the viewer; with a Bit-Rate figure encapsulating the bandwidth requirement for a given quality of video stream. The higher the Bit Rate, the better the quality of the video stream.

Now consider a scenario in which there are multiple cameras spread out across a few buildings but only one recorder. These IP cameras would consume significant bandwidth unless you had a recorder in each building for its respective cameras. This is because the recorders themselves act as a buffer to reduce the bandwidth demand.

In today’s age when video surveillance industry is going through a big transition due to AI enabled Applications, AIoT Solutions. The bandwidth requirements are growing to unprecedented levels. The IP Networks are evolving further with multi-casting, multi-streaming and video compression innovations.

Smart Bandwidth Management Helps

As Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) continue to improve the capabilities of Video Security cameras, the amount of video data feed travelling on a network is growing exponentially. Bandwidth continues to be a key consideration in effective video surveillance video feed monitoring and management. One has to ensure that the bandwidth calculations are matching with the video data feed recording requirements. The smart and efficient bandwidth management in any CCTV Surveillance project can lead to considerable saving and tangible gains in terms of time, money and human resources.

Prime Advantages of DVR and NVR in Video Surveillance Solutions

The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and Network Video Recorders (NVR) are the two pioneering developments in the history of CCTV Surveillance products that helped the security industry to progress further. These two products took the CCTV revolution to the next level of Video Surveillance Technology. A technology innovation that converted the signals from an analog camera into a viewable digital format. With this viewable digital format, it was possible to store the CCTV surveillance video recording on to a hard drive.  DVR as we know it, evolved as a path breaking product for the CCTV Surveillance Industry.

The key advantages of DVR are quite evident to the users, but it is good to enlist them for the benefit of security professional community.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost effectiveness is the biggest advantage of a DVR product. It saves lots of money and makes the project feasible. In CCTV Surveillance projects, where spiralling budgets and costs are often a make or break factor, cost effective DVR provide a solace.

Value for Money (TVFM)

DVR is a value for money product if the technical specifications are carefully chosen by the experts, it is backbone of any big or small CCTV Surveillance project.

No Signal Loss

If you are using DVR then there is no need to worry about signal loss. The key USP of a DVR security system is that it works on its own. The DVR gives you constant video feeds without breaks. It helps to monitor the site, location or area to keep your property in absolute security.

Ease of Use

DVR is a very easy to use product, with least complication. CCTV Cameras do not need to be programmed or set up when connected to the DVR. It is a simple plug and play solution.

No Need to Configure Camera

There is no need to change camera settings or configuration. The DVR works seamlessly.

PRAMA offers a wide range of DVRs with some unique features. For example PRAMA PT-DRAS1A16Q-K1 SERIES HD-TVI DVR has the intelligent algorithm-based motion detection for all analog channels. It also offers intelligent algorithm-based perimeter protection. Its features include, H.265 Pro+/H.265 Pro/H.265 video compression and HDTVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS/IP video inputs. It can be connected via coaxial cable. It has up to 24-channel IP camera inputs. On the storage front it offers up to 10 TB capacity per HDD

Network Video Recorder

NVR is the next generation Video Surveillance product, developed for the Network Cameras (IP Cameras). NVR or Network Video Recorder is a path breaking innovation. The way Internet Protocol (IP) has changed the CCTV Surveillance Industry is unprecedented. In other words, NVR directly record and capture high-quality digital video feed from IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras. NVRs store the video surveillance footage effectively, in an organised way.

With new add on features and enhanced technical capabilities, NVRs have become a versatile product in the video surveillance market.

The advantages offered by NVR are often experienced by the end-users, but it is important to enlist them for the posterity.

  • High-quality, detailed footage

The excellent image quality of the video feed is a biggest USP of NVRs. The CCTV Camera’s video feed resolution has improved significantly from 2MP to 16MP. The real time video feed now gets transferred at the rate of 30 fps.  If camera supports then video feed at higher frame rate is possible. Now NVRS are capable of recording capture details from Automatic Number Plate Cameras and Facial Recognition Data from Facial Recognition Cameras.

  • Customize Video Feed: With help of NVR, it is possible to store the video surveillance footage at a higher frame rate. One may adjust resolutions and aspect ratios customized as per needs. 
  • Storage and scaling flexibility: The NVRscan store video surveillance footage locally as well as the cloud. Saving footage onto the cloud makes for easy access, one can log in from anywhere to watch the footage. Cloud access also makes for ease of scalability.
  • Enhances the Scope: NVRs contain several Ethernet ports means one can add multiple cameras as per the requirement. It helps to gradually grow the scope and viability of video surveillance solution.
  • Remote Monitoring: NVRs enable the remote monitoring functions, one can control the camera functions like zoom and focus on the go through the mobile, while being away from the CCTV Surveillance site. The live streaming video feed can be monitored on any device, including mobile, I-pad, laptop, it is possible seamlessly due to NVRs core competency.
  • Ease of installation: Ethernet cables play the double role by offering two-in one solution, they supply power to the camera and seamlessly transfer the data to the NVR. The idea of using only one cable per IP camera makes the installation process much easier and more flexible than analog systems.
  • Remote viewing and audio input: NVRS and Network (IP) Cameras offer a unique advantage to the end-user. They can access the live security footage remotely. One can access the footage from mobile phone, laptop, desktop or I-pad. One can view, save, and manage the security video as per requirement. This is now a must-have feature of video surveillance for most business owners and CSOs. Another advantage is the additional audio feed. Since Ethernet transmits audio, each IP camera can deliver an audio stream to the NVR in addition to video. 
  • Intelligence and Video Content Analytics: NVRs and IP cameras can do more than record, compress and store video surveillance footage. Now the NVRs and IP Cameras are embedded with intelligence and edge analytics capabilities. 

PRAMA also offers a wide range of NVRs with some unique features. For example -PT-NR3A32-M16/R Network Video Recorder (NVR). Its key features includes up to 32-ch IP camera inputs. Apart from other standard specifications it supports special cameras, including people counting camera, ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) camera, and fisheye camera. This NVR supports Smart & POS Function. It also provides POS information overlay on live view and playback functions and enables POS triggered recording and alarm notifications. The versatile, PRAMA PT-NR3A32-M16/R Network Video Recorder has it all. It also supports Video Content Analysis (VCA) and its motion detection, line crossing and intrusion detection functions. It can support heat map of a retail site analysis for business intelligence function. It can enable ANPR function in parking lot for a swift parking experience. It can further help in People Counting Function in a mall or retail store to add more to the business intelligence data.

The Top 4 Ways to Improve Road Safety in India

The Top 4 Ways to Improve Road Safety in India

Everyone is safe at their home & properties, but who doesn’t wants to be safe on roads

As we know nowadays traffic violations & speeding are increasing, and these cause a range of negative outcomes such as road blockages & accidents that can cause long & frustrating delays for others too. To help the authorities by improving compliance with road safety laws & keep everyone safe, Prama has developed an intelligent traffic system, an advanced traffic solution to avoid unnecessary accidents & keep everyone safe.

To unravel these challenges, Prama offers CCTV cameras that can capture the license plate even if the vehicle is moving at high speed & in low light environment

The speed-measuring solution consists of smart AI cameras, radar sensors, traffic management servers, control room infrastructure, and access control. The AI-integrated ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras are infused with deep learning algorithms to detect & report traffic violations. 

The technology that makes up a solution can be monitored by the software easily. The authorities can monitor the violation activity more effectively as the data is stored which helps to avoid further complications. It also enables them to detect & respond to accidents & situations more quickly with a centralized view, helping to maximize safety.

The best 4 ways to improve road security:

Vehicle Speed measurement

With smart AI security cameras, the seep of moving vehicles can be easily detected. The authorities are able to detect speeding vehicles at speeds from 0 to 4km/h. These AI-enabled cameras can also detect drivers not wearing helmets, Seatbelts, talking on their cell phones, or violating traffic rules. This helps the authorities to take action and act accordingly.

Road Segment speed measurement

The solution allows the authorities to see if the driver is following the road segment and the average speed on the particular road. This avoid the drivers from deliberately hitting the brake when they seed the speed detection. this ensures road safety and the speed limit.

Speed measurement

The solution detects the fast-moving car detecting its license plate, which fixes the problem of rash driving & regulates driving behaviors. These help to impose and improve speed limit compliance and safety improvements.

Turnstiles on toll Plazas

These solution helps to manage the vehicle systematically by allowing to scan of the license plate of the vehicle allowing access to pass the toll plazas.

Take your traffic speed management to the next level with Prama

To maximize traffic management, switching to Prama smart traffic solution helps to ease the traffics by preventing slow down. The smart AI cameras provide real-time data & visuals of the traffic, by the vehicle count, and detect the length of the vehicle queues in real-time.

Using this solution, the authorities can improve road safety & security and respond faster to the situation by providing help to the needy and avoiding road blockages

Fisheye camera wireless camera

IS Fish-Eye Lens Camera Really a Best Call for Your Security?

Security cameras have become an integral part of life for the safety & security purposes of our family. Security cameras come with varieties of lenses & specifications, Most security cameras focus on a single zone, and the user won’t be fetching a 360-degree view of the property. 

But if you are updating your security with a fish eye lens camera, you get an ultra-wide view with dynamic angles. The video exported by the camera is typically wrapped images, this creates an effect of fish-eye. 

Additionally, the CCTV camera is also capable of providing a more extensive view reducing blind spots, and enabling to create split screens of different zones to increase coverage without having to install additional cameras.

Fisheye cameras offer several advantages for security applications. They can cover a wider area than traditional security cameras, which can help to reduce blind spots. They are also relatively inexpensive, which makes them a cost-effective option for many businesses and organizations.

Here are some of the benefits of using fisheye cameras for 360-degree security:

  • Wide field of view: Fisheye cameras can cover a wider area than traditional security cameras, which can help to reduce blind spots. This is especially important in large or complex environments, such as warehouses, retail stores, and schools.
  • Cost-effective: Fisheye cameras are relatively inexpensive, which makes them a cost-effective option for many businesses and organizations.
  • Discrete: Fisheye cameras are often smaller and less noticeable than traditional security cameras, which can make them a good choice for applications where discretion is important.
  • Easy to install: Fisheye cameras are typically easy to install, which can save time and money.

Here are some additional benefits of fisheye cameras:

  • The camera creates panoramic images. This is beneficial for applications such as security, mapping, and virtual reality.
  • The security camera monitors large areas with a single camera. This can save your money and space.
  • They are easy to install. This is because you only require a single lens and it can be installed in the center of the property.
  • They are available in a variety of resolutions and prices. This makes them a better option to choose from a wide range of applications.

However, there are also some disadvantages to using fisheye cameras for 360-degree security:

  • Distorted images: The images produced by fisheye cameras can be distorted, which can make it difficult to identify objects or people in the image.
  • Software requirements: Fisheye cameras require specialized software for the images, which can be a challenge to set up and maintain.
  • Limited zoom: Fisheye cameras typically have limited zoom capabilities, which can make it difficult to focus on specific objects or people in the image.
  • Built-in Heap map: Advanced version of these cameras supports a heat map that identifies the crowd density of a particular scene. 

Fish-eye cameras come with a ton of advantages and it’s a good option for the safety of your family & property to secure it from 360 degree.

Retail Stores

Video security – An Integral part of retail solution

Along with the advancement of technology in each & every sector, taking a step toward security is very important. Due to the rise in crime rates, we need a technological eye to protect our businesses & family.

As technology is getting advanced, we are witnessing more innovative & effective ways to use video security to protect our business. 

Video security systems are evolving in retail security in several ways, including:

Deployment of HD cameras

HD cameras are affordable & they offer a wide number of advantages over traditional low-resolution cameras. HD cameras capture more detail, which makes the user easier to identify the suspect & gather evidence.

AI-enabled cameras: 

Switching to AI-enabled cameras is always a good option, as they are backed up with analytics capabilities that help to improve security and operations

Ex- AI cameras can automatically detect intruders & confirm their location.

Integrating the video security with other systems

Integrating the CCTV camera with other systems, such as POE access control, and inventory management systems. It enhances performance & allows retailers to use video footage to improve a variety of business processes and prevent theft & losses.

Here are some additional benefits of using CCTV systems in retail security as it uses deep learning algorithms to accurately detect and count people entering and leaving an area, and can be deployed for various applications:

  • Act as evidence: The CCTV video footage act as a piece of evidence in criminal prosecution, to secure convictions and deter future crimes.
  • Barrier effect: CCTV cameras act as a barrier to stopping crime, as the shoplifters are less likely to target a store that is being monitored.
  • Loss prevention: Video footage can be used to identify and investigate by preventing shoplifting, and employee theft. 
  • Improves customer service: Camera footage can be used to pinpoint and resolve customer complaints and track customer behavior to improve the shopping experience.

As you can see, CCTV security systems are a valuable tool for retail security, helping you to address crime, gather evidence, improve customer service, & prevent losses. As with the advancement of technology, we can expect to see more innovative & effective ways to use video security to protect our business.

The specific trends that are shaping the future of video security in retail:

  • The rise of cloud-based video surveillance: Cloud-based video surveillance is becoming increasingly prevalent, as it offers a lot more advantages over traditional on-premises systems. For example, cloud-based systems are easier to manage and scale and can be accessed from anywhere.
  • The use of video analytics for business intelligence: Video analytics are used for more than simply security needs. Can be used for business intelligence applications like tracking consumer behavior and enhancing the shopping experience 
  • The use of AI: AI and machine learning are used to develop & improve the security for retailers. For example, AI can be used to identify suspicious activity and track customer behavior.

As technology continues to evolve, we expect to see even more trends shaping the future of video security in retail in more innovative & effective ways to improve our business.

PT-NC357P3-IZS(D) 5 MP Varifocal Dome Network Camera - Prama India

PRAMA’s Comprehensive CCTV and NON-CCTV offerings!

In the Indian security market PRAMA is making consistent strides and striving hard to provide innovative products and solutions related to the Indian environment and standards.

PRAMA core competency lies in the CCTV and Video Security, technologies, products and solutions. PRAMA offers HDTVI product line under the following categories. PRAMA HDTVI cameras are available in the following categories, entry level series, mid-range series, Ranginview Series (it offers a colourful view of the event with night vision capabilities). PRAMA offers Analog DVR series for SME applications.

PRAMA has an exclusive IP Product line, which offers Network Cameras and PTZ Cameras under three categories.

Entry Level Series: Smart look PTZ offers Small size option with IR. It provides good image quality in the video feed.

Mid-range Series: This series offersmid-range PTZ cameras, which are economical and easy to install. These cameras have large zoom capabilities with 360° rotation and intelligent learning applications embedded in the system.

High End series: High-end Project PTZ Camera offers large zoom capabilities coupled with great imaging, rapid focus, advanced auto-tracking and GIS features.

PRAMA offers NVRS under four different categories, including entry level series, mid-range series, high-end series and intelligent series.

PRAMA Network Video Recorder NVR features offer thecfollowing benefits:

Access capacity: Channel, Resolution, Incoming & Outgoing bandwidth, Video stream

Storage Capacity: Recording type, File lock, ANR, SMART detection, Dual OS

Featured Functions: Ease of use, multiple applications

Live View & Playback: Multiple screen, Channel-zero live view, Independent video output, Plug-in free solution, PRAMA ONLINE management, AES encryption.

Camera & User Management: It offers Camera and User management options.

NVR maintenance: It offers NVR maintenance record and options.


India with its second largest road network and highly populated roads has a unique requirement for Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

Traffic Anpr Camera

PRAMA ANPR camera uses an image of a vehicle number plate captured; the image is passed to a reader, which locates the VRM (Vehicle Registration Mark) and reads the letters and characters so that they can be identified using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software.

PRAMA takes big leap for Indigenous Manufacturing with Atmanirbhar Bharat Roadmap:

 Prama India is all set to take a big leap for Atmanirbhar Bharat, it is implementing a massive expansion plan for the manufacturing facility. It is investing a formidable investment in its Research and Development (R&D) initiatives. Prama is staying true to its long term vision. PRAMA is committed towards a safer India through cutting-edge technology, products and solutions while focusing on research, technology innovation, capacity building and manufacturing excellence. It is continuing to grow as a leader in the security market and make India a global manufacturing hub for cutting-edge surveillance products.

Prama India is an Indian company built with core Indian values and pedigree. It is striving to realise the mission to bolster the India’s indigenous manufacturing sector. It is striving to innovate the products and solutions that are made in India.

Prama India

Prama is committed to Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan or Self-reliant India movement. The company’s aim is to secure the country and its citizens, independent and self-reliant in all senses through latest technology, products and solutions.  It is aligning the five pillars of Aatmanirbhar Bharat (Economy, Infrastructure, System, Vibrant Demography and Demand) into its future roadmap.  The government is taking several bold reforms to ensure success in accomplishing the goal.

PRAMA is Building India’s security and surveillance industry by continuously enhancing capabilities in domestic production by investing in local R&D to foster innovations in next-generation surveillance solutions. It is making India self-reliant through local manufacturing, socio-economic empowerment, skill development and employment generation.

Making ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ a Reality:

PRAMA is striving to create an indigenous electronics security manufacturing hub with a firm resolve to turn Atmanirbhar Bharat vision into a reality. It is a huge exercise in capacity building for indigenous security product manufacturing.

Made for India: ‘Made for India’ is not merely a slogan or a vision statement. It is a strategic initiative with big ticket investments. A lot of thinking has gone into developing the plan and successful implementation of indigenous manufacturing roadmap.

Made by India:  ‘Made by India’ isPRAMA’s resolve for harnessing India’s engineering and software skills.  Prama India is tapping the Indian youth power. India has a vast pool of engineering talent and software coding capabilities. All these engineering and software development capabilities are helpful in capacity building for the goal of Indigenous manufacturing in a phased manner.

Made in India: ‘Made in India’ is the motto of our indigenous manufacturing roadmap. The company is proud to have successfully developed the indigenous manufacturing plant, ancillary industries and a robust research and development center.  PRAMA products and ‘Made in India’ products that are manufactured as per the Indian standards. It is being meticulously done by following the environmental guidelines.

Scripting a CCTV Manufacturing Success Story

The Electronic Security Products like CCTV and IP Cameras are experiencing a huge demand in the Indian market. According to market experts, the emergence of India as the fastest growing economy of the world will help to develop its manufacturing ecosystem.

In the near future, India will move beyond the role of being the end-user of advanced security technologies like Video Surveillance, Access Control, Perimeter Security, Facial Recognition, Smart Home Security and Security Inspection. PRAMA has a deep understanding of this tactical shift happening in the B2B security marketplace. It is playing a proactive role in the development and implementation of key security technologies while enabling transformative technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Big Data and IoT through various applications.

Is CCTV Manufacturing in India poised to be the Next Big Thing?

Today the CCTV, Video Surveillance and Security Industry is growing at a phenomenal rate. It is being tipped as the fastest growing sector in the security segment due to unprecedented demand for security solutions. According to Persistence Market Research, the CCTV camera market size in India has shown a consistent growth. The market demand is exceeding the forecast by the analysts. The Indian CCTV market is estimated to be around US$ 1.04 billion in 2023.

According to Industry experts and market analysts, India can emulate the mobile manufacturing success story in the CCTV and IP camera manufacturing.  There is a need to see the big picture and move forward. The big bang changes are happening and new realities are emerging from the market data. As per the quick estimates for selected and major commodities for March 2023, electronic exports have become the 6th largest export commodity group. This is a good news for India’s fast growing electronic security manufacturing sector. A manufacturing success story can be replicated in the CCTV and security Industry segment.

It’s clear that the CCTV Surveillance, Security products and Smart Home Security is going to be much in demand. The trends are now showing the uptick for unprecedented growth in the CCTV and IP Camera segment.  The CCTV growth saga is going to be the next big thing.

Government Initiatives

The Government has taken several steps which are expected to increase the domestic manufacturing and export of electronics goods, including mobile phones. These include, Production Linked Incentive Scheme (PLI) for Large Scale Electronics Manufacturing, Production Linked Incentive Scheme (PLI) for IT hardware, Scheme for Promotion of Manufacturing of Electronic Components and Semiconductors (SPECS), Modified Electronics Manufacturing Clusters (EMC 2.0) under the National Policy on Electronics, 2019, which envisages positioning India as a global hub for Electronics, System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM). FDI up to 100% under the automatic route is permitted for electronics manufacturing subject to applicable laws.

Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Impetus: The Production Linked Incentive (PLI) schemes becoming successful in the electronic manufacturing sector. The Production Linked Incentive scheme for Large-Scale Electronics Manufacturing (LSEM) and for IT hardware is advancing towards making India a competitive destination for electronics manufacturing and providing a boost to Atmanirbhar Bharat while creating more global champions in this sector. As a result of government initiatives and industry efforts, India has made rapid advances in the past five years in the field of electronics manufacturing.

PRAMA is following these definitive R&D Goals

Technology Leadership: PRAMA is striving for the technology leadership in the Indian security market. It has a wide array of latest products and bespoke vertical solutions. These products and solutions are driven by the cutting-edge technologies and applications.

Research & Development Wing for India Specific Needs: PRAMA has the Research and Development Wing for India specific needs as prescribed by the end-users. A highly skilled research and development teams are helping to serve the end-user requirements in stitching innovative solutions, integrating applications or helping through technology innovation.

Customizable Solutions: PRAMA offers customizable solutions for the customers’ special requirements. These customizable solutions are the shining testimony of Prama India’s technology capabilities and software prowess.                                              

A Comprehensive Guide to Choose the Right Home Security Camera

A home security camera is a video recording device that is used to monitor your home or property. These cameras can be installed both indoors & outdoors and come in different styles & configurations as per the need of the customer, it can also withstand outdoor conditions, can be both wired or wireless, and can be accessed through the Prama app. 

The home security cameras are equipped with cutting-edge technology to enhance security & communication such as night vision, two-way audio, motion detection, ip68, and many more.

These cameras can be integrated with other home security systems to enhance the security of your property, Such as alarms, access control systems & motion detection sensors.

Selecting the right home security camera is the most crucial decision to ensure the safety & protection of your property, always look for a camera that transmits high-quality video footage even in the dark.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you make a correct choice:

  1. Your security needs: Before selecting the product one should know the security requirement he/she is looking for. considering the factors such as the size of the area that should be covered, the number of cameras you would need, the number of entries & exits you want to cover, and the level of detail to be covered, the placement & design of the camera.
  2. The type of camera. There are two main types of CCTV cameras: wired and wireless. Wired cameras are more reliable, but they can be more difficult to install. Wireless cameras are easier to install, but they can be more susceptible to interference.
  3. Think about the resolution. The resolution of a CCTV camera determines the quality of the images it captures. Higher-resolution cameras will produce clearer images, but they will also be more expensive.
  4. The field of view. The field of view of a CCTV camera determines how much of an area it can see. If you need to monitor a large area, you’ll need a camera with a wide field of view.
  5. Think about the night vision. If you need your CCTV camera to work in low-light conditions, you’ll need a camera with night vision. Night vision cameras use infrared light to see in the dark.
  6. Pricing of the product. The price of CCTV cameras varies from model to model, depending upon the feature & specification of the product.

2.  Types of cameras: There are various types of security cameras available. The most common ones include:

  • Dome cameras: These cameras are dome-shaped or semi-circle, as they are suitable for indoor & outdoor. They offer a wide range of views and they are small in size so they are less noticeable. 
  • Bullet cameras: Bullet cameras are cylindrical and are typically used for outdoor surveillance as they are very comparable with outdoor weather. They are easy to install and provide a focused view of specific areas.
  • PTZ cameras: PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras can be remotely controlled to pan, tilt, and zoom, allowing you to monitor a wide area and focus on specific objects or events. The camera can be tilted & can zoom on a particular event by covering a wide area.
  • Wireless cameras: These type of cameras runs on batteries and they can be connected to the wifi without the hassle of the physical wires all over your home. But these cameras may be susceptible to signal interference.
  •  outdoor cameras: These security cameras are suitable for the unintended outside environment. The outdoor cameras are weatherproof so they can function in all conditions and are equipped with additional features like infrared light, night vision, motion sensor & many more.
PT-NC351P6-ISU(D2) Intelligent 5 MP IR Fixed Dome Network Camera - Prama India

Key Features to be Considered while Installing the home security:

1. Low-light and night vision capabilities: If you require surveillance during low-light conditions or at night, opt for cameras with infrared (IR) night vision capabilities. These cameras use IR LEDs to illuminate the area, allowing you to capture grey footage in complete darkness. while if you go ahead with the night vision cameras, these cameras allow you to get a colorful image even the darkness

2. Resolution and image quality: Higher resolution cameras provide clearer and more detailed images. Consider cameras with at least 1080p (Full HD) resolution, but if you need more precise details, 4K resolution cameras are also available.

3. Field of view: The camera’s field of view determines the area it can cover. Wide-angle lenses provide a broader view, while cameras with adjustable lenses or PTZ capabilities offer flexibility to focus on specific areas of interest.

4. Storage options: Determine how you want to store the recorded footage. There are generally two options:

  • Local storage: Cameras with built-in storage slots allow you to insert an SD card or external hard drive to save the footage directly on the camera. This method provides immediate access to the footage but may be vulnerable to theft or damage.
  • Cloud storage: Some cameras offer cloud storage services, where the footage is stored remotely on secure servers. This ensures that the footage is accessible even if the camera is stolen or damaged. However, there may be subscription fees associated with cloud storage.

The benefits of using a NAS storage solution

Network-attached storage (NAS) is a type of storage solution that allows multiple users and
devices to access shared files and data over a network. Unlike traditional storage solutions that
are typically limited to a single computer or device, NAS provides a centralized storage location

that can be accessed by multiple users and devices simultaneously. Let us explore the benefits
of using a NAS storage solution for your business and why you should consider it a logical data
storage solution.

  1. Centralized Storage
    One of the most significant benefits of using a NAS storage solution is centralized storage. With
    a NAS, all your files and data are stored in a central location that can be accessed by multiple
    users and devices. This means that you don’t have to worry about managing multiple storage
    devices, and you can easily access your files from any device with network access.
  2. Easy Access and Sharing
    Another advantage of using a NAS is easy access and sharing. Since all your files and data are
    stored in a central location, it’s easy to share files with colleagues and clients. You can set up
    access controls to restrict access to sensitive data and allow only authorized users to access
    specific files and folders.
  3. Data Protection and Backup
    NAS also provide data protection and backup features. With a NAS, you can create automated
    backups of your data, ensuring that you always have a copy of your files in case of a disaster or
    data loss. You can also set up RAID configurations to protect against disk failures, ensuring that
    your data is always available.
  4. Scalability
    Network attached storage are highly scalable, which means that you can easily add additional
    storage capacity as your business grows. You can start with a small storage capacity and
    gradually increase the storage capacity as your data storage needs grow.
  5. Cost-Effective
    Using a NAS storage solution can also be cost-effective, especially for small and medium-sizedbusinesses. Instead of investing in expensive storage devices, you can use a NAS solution that provides centralized storage, data protection, and backup features at a fraction of the cost.
  1. Remote Access
    NAS solutions also provide remote access to your files and data. With a NAS, you can access
    your files from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. This is
    particularly useful for businesses with remote workers or those that need to access files while
    on the go. There are no more delays because the concerned person is not in the office and this
    can lead to significant time savings and enhanced efficiencies.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration
    Finally, NAS storage can enhance collaboration within your business. With a centralized storage
    location, it’s easy for multiple users to work on the same files simultaneously, improving
    productivity and collaboration. You can also set up version control to ensure that everyone is
    working on the latest version of a file. This literally puts everyone on the same page.
    To wrap up, using a NAS storage solution can provide a range of benefits for your business,
    including centralized storage, easy access and sharing, data protection and backup, scalability,
    cost-effectiveness, remote access, and enhanced collaboration. With a NAS, you can easily
    manage and store your data while providing easy access to your files for multiple users and
    devices. To manage your business efficiently and cost-effectively in a competitive business
    landscape it is prudent to invest in NAS solutions. Prama India offers these solutions at
    competitive prices. You can check it out at and make your business
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