Dec 2023

The Importance of Regular CCTV Surveillance Audit

The technology continues to be a great enabler in the physical security segment, it has helped to break many barriers, which existed while security management was operating in different silos. The security management has evolved further with the adaptation of newer and smarter technologies. CCTV Surveillance is one such technology marvel that has simplified the complex task of security management to a certain extent. With the help of AI applications, lots of manual security functions and Video Content Analysis tasks are being automated. Despite all the buzz around AI and IoT, what has not changed over the years in security management is the resilience, discipline, alertness and due diligence, now it is required more than ever despite having the best hardware and software systems.

Security Management Basics

The value one may derive from the CCTV Surveillance systems often depends on the time and attention given by following the best practices in the physical security management. If CCTV Surveillance doesn’t help with real-time alerts and threats during any security event, then often serious questions are being raised about its utility.  The security managers have a hard task to justify the huge investments incurred in installing security systems. The CCTV Surveillance systems are expected to give return on investment (ROI) by providing vital clues on past and present security breaches.

This is the reason why the regular CCTV Surveillance Audit is a mandatory norm for the seasoned physical security professionals. It helps to find the loopholes in performance, technical glitches in system and security breaches captured on the video surveillance feeds stored in the command and control system.  

Need for CCTV Surveillance Audit

The urgent need for a professional CCTV Surveillance Audit is felt by the organisations and Chief Security Officers across the verticals. Keeping the constant check on huge stacks of Video surveillance data and systems is mission critical requirement. It is important to do the regular audits of video surveillance feed and systems by compiling professional security audit reports on past video feeds and system status.

A professional CCTV audit helps to identify the fault lines in the security management. It is a holistic overview of the entire security ecosystem, including a thorough check of hardware, software and system related redundancies.

One of the most crucial aspects of video security management is real time monitoring and audit. It is imperative to check the video surveillance footage regularly for vital clues and repeat offenders. The careful video content analysis gives clues to many unforeseen threats and emerging threats. This alone creates a compelling case for a regular CCTV audit in any CCTV Surveillance project.

The CCTV audit has two aspects, the first one related to the video surveillance footage recorded over a certain period and the other aspect relates to the system health check status of command and control room and all the systems attached to the network.

Evidence Class Video

One may feel helpless in case or event where he is a victim in a crime incident. The video evidence can help to nab the culprit and recover the valuables. Imagine if in such a case, law enforcement agency finds the video evidence of the event. The CCTV audit is gaining prominence due to its uncanny ability to find vital clues about the events and circumstances.  The core idea behind CCTV Surveillance audit is to have all the security events recorded as evidence class footage for the post event analysis. On the proactive security front, this may help enable a culture of real time alerts and monitoring the live event situations, which may result in deployment of quick response teams and timely innervation.

CCTV Audit Process Flow

It may appear complex process, but when you have a checklist for CCTV audit, things may appear relatively simple. As we go step by step in the CCTV Audit process, we discover the system anomalies and problems.

Camera Placement: The CCTV Camera placements need to be checked whether the camera placement on the CCTV Surveillance Project site is in perfect place as per the security design and planning. The correct placement of the camera to be verified along with their directions. The camera output needs to be checked along with its sensors and resolution parameters. It is often found during the audits that camera locations and directions were changed, while cleaning, painting or organising internal events.

Alarms Response: Alarm notification function in CCTV surveillance cameras to be checked and verified as per the laid out plans and security protocols. Ensuring false alarms doesn’t hinder the core functions is very important.

System Inspection: The CCTV Surveillance audit should do a comprehensive system inspection to detect any faulty camera or malfunctioned system over the network. It must take note of outdated systems that need an upgrade. It may include some cameras, cables, connectors and key components, one must mark them in the inspection report. By identifying the non-performing systems in the network, system inspection performs an important part of audit.

Professional Cabling: The professional cabling is an important aspect of any CCTV Surveillance project. It has to be checked if cabling norms are followed during the various phases of system maintenance. Wires and cables of the system should be assessed while doing a CCTV audit. It needs to be verified that typical cabling errors like loose wires, improper insulation are not repeated under any circumstances and other best practices are followed.

Security Breaches and Tempering: The CCTV audit must take notice of incidents of vandalism, system tempering or security breaches happed in the part. It must take adequate measures so that no such incidents are repeated in the future.

Video Security Footage Review: The video security footage review is an integral and important part of the CCTV Surveillance Audit. It reveals many critical nuggets about looming threats, emerging risks and key people involved in security breaches. This review must be separate and independent from the CCTV monitoring reports that those organizations are generating on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Human Errors and Technical Snags: The CCTV Surveillance Audit must point out the human errors and technical snags by the security or monitoring teams on the line of duty. It must be done without fear or favour with a sense of objectivity and integrity.

Storage Requirement Status Review: The CCTV Surveillance Audit must review the short term and long term video surveillance footage storage requirements. It must ensure to address all the technical and operational challenges involved in the process.

System Maintenance Status Review: The command and control system, video walls, monitors, joysticks, control panels, networking devices, switches, keyboards, all the systems and  units involved in  the CCTV Surveillance project must be inspected along with the past maintenance record.

Documentation for CCTV Surveillance Audit: The CCTV Surveillance Audit is an ongoing process and it is a critical document to access the efficacy of security management. Every audit report should be compiled in physical and digital format in a discreet manner. The reports must be compiled in an orderly manner with date and time with names of team members. The outcomes must be marked with grades for different categories so the teams may try to improve their performance by taking corrective measures.


The CCTV Surveillance Audit process is incomplete without the highly valuable recommendations to improve the overall performance of CCTV Surveillance process. It must be clear and precise in terms of technical upgrades and changing the old systems.

Implementation:The implementation of CCTV Surveillance Audit report recommendations is a highly valuable task as it is the final outcome of the tedious process and team effort. If the CCTV Surveillance audit Report and its recommendations improves the overall performance of security management, then it is a win-win situation for all. If security wins over the odds,then it’s a victory for the entire organisation and security ecosystem.

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