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Dec 2022

Top 6 Considerations for CCTV Camera Installation

Top 6 Considerations for CCTV Camera Installation

Jan 01, 1970


CCTV installation is commonly seen in offices and shops, but recent times have seen a rise in home as well. The Installation can sometimes be difficult and complex, though you can either hire a professional or just do it on your own. More importantly, it is possible that you can make mistakes during a CCTV installation, resulting in poor coverage, un-optimized storage, and inadequate control. Hiring professionals will eliminate these problems, and you can be ensured that you have the most suitable setup possible as per your needs.

Things to Consider When Installing CCTV Cameras

  1. Coverage: – It is important to determine which areas are most vulnerable and require to be covered. The CCTV installation vendor will send an analyst to help figure out the best likely location to mount cameras and obtain optimal coverage. But, you can also tell the professional if there is any specific area you require the camera to cover.
  1. CCTV Camera Types: – Nowadays, wireless CCTV cameras are the most typically used ones, which eliminate the need to install wires. These cameras can be controlled effortlessly, but not all CCTV cameras are the same. The traditional directional camera, or bullet camera, is commonly fixed and points only in one direction. Dome cameras are seen in malls and corporate offices that provide 360-degree coverage around them. So, you need to select cameras based on the kind of coverage you want and the kind of quality they can provide.
  1. Locations: – It is utmost important that you should not forget about areas that are potentially vulnerable. This also indicates using different types of cameras based on their location. Also, do not ignore indoor coverage. Burglars are getting better at evading outdoor cameras, and even total area coverage can be conquered by masked intruders. Setting a low-light competent dome camera indoors can save you a lot of problem.
  1. Legality and Declaration: – According to the law, you should let people know that they are being recorded. This is particularly important for public areas like a store or office. In both chances, signs saying that there are CCTV cameras installed will serve your objective. Also, it is absolutely illegal to install CCTV cameras in private spots like bathrooms, there could be legal action for this kind of offense.
  1. Permissions: – You may require to get official permission from concern authorities, depending on where you will be installing CCTV. Even when it is not legally mandated, it is a condition of courtesy. There are possibilities in installing CCTV cameras outside your home that they cover a portion of a neighbor’s home or store. In such case, you need to let them know and change the angle if they are uncomfortable. Also, most residential colonies need that you inform the local civic society or body before installation.
  1. A technical nature: – Ensure that your cameras can record HD videos and consider the additional equipment you need. Many CCTV installations are accompanied by their recording and storage hardware. Some offer the feasibility of cloud storage, which implies storing the recorded video online. On the other hand, local storage is done on a hard disk, simply like on a computer or laptop. The difference between the hard disk of your recorder and laptop is that the recorder’s hard disk is of more elevated capacity and competent of running continuously for a much longer period. Surveillance hard drives are preferred for such setup and they can work 24×7 environment unlike normal laptop hard drives.

Conclusion A CCTV camera is a one-time investment that can save you money in the long run. Also, if you’re looking for an ideal CCTV camera for your safety, you could reach out to Prama India. We have an extensive range of cameras with great versatility. Tell us about your requirements, and we can guide you in picking the most relevant CCTV camera for your premises.


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