Feb 2022

Which is Better NVR or DVR

When considering a security camera system, one can ultimately decide between choosing an NVR or DVR. But, both work similarly, with the same purpose, and function as a part of the central hub for the overall security apparatus, but fundamentally they do their specific role differently. That particular role is to process, record, and save video footage from cameras for direct or later viewing.

What does NVR mean?

A NVR stands for network video recorder, a hard drive use to store the data in digital format, an NVR does not necessarily require hard wiring to serve its purpose as a hub for video data storage and viewing. Additionally, that also applies to the products the recording system is connected to, like IP cameras or internet protocol cameras. This system is made better through how it processes video data. Instead of managing the video data as well as storing it, the NVR makes the process more efficient by having the processing handled through the cameras before the data is transferred for storage. 

What is a security DVR?

A security DVR, or security digital video recorder, is the direct evolution of the VCR or videocassette recorder. It is a part of the central point of a wired security camera system, with each of the closed-circuit cameras feeding video data to the DVR for it then to be processed and stored for viewing. Unlike newer and current options, a security system with a DVR is closed-circuit or wired for constant surveillance except when loss of power occurs. The entire system itself is connected using coaxial cable, making it entirely hardwired, allowing for a continuous video quality not necessarily seen in wireless systems. That is an essential fact regardless of what type of cameras and recording systems are used in the security apparatus.

What is the difference between NVR and DVR?

When comparing the two recording systems, the most significant difference comes from the DVR generally not being capable of wireless functionality. With that mentioned, home and business owners will find that the most considerable differences between the two systems come in several internal and external factors after the initial installation.

As the DVR was the advanced system of the day upon being released in 1999, so now is the NVR comparatively. Therefore, it is impossible to compare and contrast the two recorders without discussing the instruments that are used around their framework after being installed. This can be seen when comparing the cameras alone.

Which is better DVR or NVR security system?

While a DVR is less expensive than an NVR, the latter still has numerous advantages that are more complicated if not impossible to implement into a security camera system using digital video recorders. Moreover, the recorded footage gathered by the network video recorder from IP cameras features superior resolution while also supporting audio and more. However, the best way to know what system is best for your home or business is to reach out to PRAMA India today. Our professionals have an astute understanding of network video recorders and digital video recorders while also providing information on what’s compatible with each. Better yet, our professionals can make installations and provide enhanced services.

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